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I can help you grow your list, leverage your content and build your outreach to sell more books (and build your business).

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Thinking of writing a book for ages, but not doing anything about it...

Struggling to prioritise your book or write around all your other ‘stuff’…

Suffering with FOMO because everyone else is an author, except you …

Competing against others in your market who have a book when you don’t...

Stressing about writing something that is GOOD and won’t be judged…

Dreaming about the learning, the experience, the discipline and the sense of accomplishment a book brings…

Seeking validation that YOU and your opinion matters…


I’m a book writing coach, so I shouldn’t be telling you to NOT to write a book.

But that is exactly what I’m saying – at least for now.

I know what it’s like when you’ve been trying to build your business, and you don’t have the time or the budget (or just the inclination) to spend on publishing a book.

I know what it’s like when you really want to share what you know so that you can touch and transform other’s lives, but this goal seems a long way off.

However, you also know that a book is an excellent CREDIBLE marketing tool that is good for business.

And you know that is has to be GOOD. (Which is why you’re scared and stalling starting.)

So if you really want to touch and transform lives, then you need to invest in some sort of hard work and accomplishment.

Which means there is no cheat or hack (sorry).

But there is an ALTERNATIVE to a book - a quicker, more affordable way, that still delivers the same benefits as the above.

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  • Unlock your most important and influential business message, so you can write in a way that connects, engages and inspires your audience to act

  • Clarify the most valuable problem you are solving for your audience and why they need your help to change or act on this now

  • Connect with your audience in a way that builds common ground, trust and influence as a result

  • Master your message and the value you offer someone

  • Transform from force-feeding your solution (which turns people off) to creating followership (which turns people on)

  • Build the confidence and conviction you need behind who you are, what you do and how you can help potential clients so that you sell yourself and your services.

Still not sure?


  • Structure, write and publish a successful white paper using a proven methodology that RIVALS any book.

  • Work out your most valuable business message that you can use when you write or present on any platform or stage.

  • Understand your value so you can approach potential clients and contracts confidently

  • Set up a successful lead magnet on your website to capture new contacts and leads.

  • Become better at writing and communicating. Full stop.

  • Create real connections and provide meaningful value to encourage people to take the next step working with you.

  • Communicate what you do simply, elegantly and persuasively.

  • Improve your conversations both online and offline.