I'm not here just to teach you how to write a book. I'm here to help you place a strategic, intentional flag in the ground.

That's what your here for too, right?

But first, let's check that I'm the right book coach for you

In case you couldn't tell, I'm creating a new breed of authors

My approach to book coaching was born out of a starry-eyed innocence. I haven't been programmed by years working on in a stuffy publishing agency, nobody handed me the 'rule book', and I missed the memo that business books had to be boring.

My Write Book Method is for the originals, creatives and renaissance spirits who are brave enough to share new solutions, offer new insights, and reframe ideas around the most pressing issues of our lives. It's a framework for business strategy and reader transformation to beautifully co-exist.

Your community is waiting for to be ignited by your body of work. You owe it to them to share it with authenticity, courage and integrity.

Join the revolution
Book Coach and Editor Kelly Irving

Why me, for your book?

Let me count the ways

As a book coach, I've been called...

"...the best business decision I've made"

"a mix of head and heart"

"best in the business"

"sharp as a tack and really fun to work with"

"100% driven by support and concern"

"someone who stands for quality books"

And then there's all this......


10+ years of lessons, insights and success.


The coaching that one client described as "high value with deep expertise."


My clients are best-sellers, receive business awards, and feature in the top 100 Business Books year on year.


Because without it, you'll just confuse the marketplace and muddy your brand.


My WRITE Book Method is the tested framework that can fast-track your success and save you years of frustration, missed opportunities and endless self-doubt.


From tripling income to becoming in-demand speakers, you can read some of my author success stories here.

And most importantly, there's this:

I’m here to help you package up the biggest, most important leaps of your life.
So that you can inspire your audiences to make leaps in their lives.

On the surface, and what looks great to most of the world, are the accolades, the big numbers, the awards, the income, and the recognition.

(Yes - I'll show you how to reach those - and we'll talk about them in a moment)…

This is about expanding your capacity to write from a place of vulnerability, empathy and openness. To be confident that the way you see the world matters to the right people. And that showing up as your full self and taking a stand is the only way to make the difference you're here to make.

Because when you approach writing this way, people can't help but watch and listen, and learn from you. And that's how you build your brand and see results.

Lets build your brand
I was invited to speak about my book - 3 days later we received a wire transfer of $25M
"I was ready to un-mute myself and through telling my own story, tell my audience that I see them and the work they do. Storytelling is my MO and Kelly reinforced using my own voice and created a structure to bring that out of me and weave stories in with my business message. We could never have imagined the incredible rewards that followed. The book has been great for building a public profile and fundraising, and it's created so many opportunities to invest in grassroots leadership which will change the lives of so many Latina women and women of colour. Kelly helps you sharpen your thinking, reassures you that writing a book isn't intimidating - and she's hysterical.
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Denise Padin Collazo
Social justice leader, Author of Thriving In The Fight: A survival Manual for Latinas on the Front Lines of Change
Photo Holder - Book Coach Kelly Irving Website Element
Photo Holder - Book Coach Kelly Irving Website Element

If you're not writing to see results, then your book is nothing more than an expensive hobby

So let's talk results - the tangible ones my clients have seen:

Featured in top media
Keynote speaking at leading conferences
Skyrocketing credibility as a niche expert
A waitlist of prospects agreeing to premium fees
Tripling income
Generating multi-million dollars in funding
Signing lucrative contracts and expanding to international markets
Receiving book awards and 5 star reviews
Launching new businesses, going from zero clients to full inboxes

These results are not guaranteed, just because you write a book

Writing a book, as a concept, is easy.


If that’s all it is, though, why do some books take off and become world-changing success stories, and others struggle to bring in any results worth talking about?

Simple. It's strategy. And that's exactly what we'll focus on - from your business goals to how you want your reader to think, feel and act.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy; it’s not.
I’m not going to pretend that it will be quick; it won’t.
And I’m not going to pretend that you won’t be pushed way beyond the bounds of your comfort zone; you will.

But it WILL be worth it.

My clients lives change beyond recognition when we work together, and they say that book coaching is the best investment they've ever made in their businesses.

Ready to write a book for results?