Intelligent book coaching = monumental change + massive results, one non-fiction book at a time

When the passion of the client meets the expertise of the coach, the impossible becomes possible.

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Your book can spark new thinking, connect dots, and lead a mission that changes the world

It can make people think, feel and act.

Or....... it can obscure how utterly wonderful you and your work is - because it's bland, beige and doesn't resonate with the people you want to read it.

No pressure, but your book can make or break your business and your brand.

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If you've been thinking about writing a book, chances are you've heard these little nuggets ...

Don't overthink it - no one will read it anyway
It's just a business card with thud factor
Just take a shortcut and sign up for a 'done-in-30-days' course (*shudder*)
Say it aloud and get it audio transcribed (yikes!)

You know as well as I do that you can invest a HUGE amount of time, money, and energy and end up with results that are… somewhere between damaging to your brand and deeply disappointing.

there's something you should know...

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Writing a book isn’t about ego. Or ticking a box. Or a copy-paste path to success. It’s about people. And genuine, courageous connection.

A truly successful book — one where you build your credibility, field enquiries from ready-to-roll clients, and light a fire in your belly about the work you do and where your business is going — is alllll about showing up as yourself.

It involves getting your ideas straight. Giving your message shape. Opening up a conversation with the right people. And creating something that you're proud to stand behind.

Because those things?

Are exactly what allow you to claim your space in the world - and invite others to do the same.

Get that for your book

When you stand clear in your message it makes it easier for people to engage with you.

Before working with Kelly, I had grounded optimism that my book would be something of value that I could help people with. Now, I know it to be true. The structure and clarity over message has been so useful to me, my business and my clients. I've tripled my revenue, ramped up the quality of my engagements, and have a much clearer message. The investment made good sense and has paid itself back financially and personally.

Keegan Luiters


Kelly Who?

It's wild out there. So much information, but little disruption. Plenty of chest-beating, but limited connection. Masses of messages, but minimal clarity. Lots of effort, but few results.

I'm changing that, one book at a time.

Imagine creating something that gets everyone talking about you and lining up to work with you. It's exactly what a strategically written book should do.

And it's exactly what my approach has helped hundreds of authors do...... create genuine connection and reader impact, all while powerfully marketing their business.

The work we will do together is right at the intersection of strategic brand-building and transformative reader experiences.

We're not just writing a book. We're building your brand. Claiming your intellectual property. Faithfully championing your work. And building relationships with your people.

Meet your book coach
Book Coach and Editor Kelly Irving

Approaching book coaching from this viewpoint has seen my clients accomplish some pretty glorious things, like...

Win book awards
Better frame their client work
Boost credibility and propel business forward
More distilled intellectual property
Triple their revenue (not a typo)
Sign multiple publishing deals
Sign multiple publishing deals
Secure $25m funding (not a typo)
Feature on mainstream media

Want my brain on your book?

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1:1 book coaching

Work with me one-one to pitch, plan and publish your best book.

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Live group book coaching

The Expert Author Academy blends live group coaching, a step-by-step framework, and a community for trailblazers and change makers to write and publish their book.

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Mark landed strong offers in the five-figure range from two publishers.
"Kelly understands what publishers are looking for in a proposal in terms of commercial viability and topics, she knows how to craft a proposal, and her contacts in the publishing industry mean she can get a proposal in front of the right people, quickly. She understands the common errors new writers make, she educates you on the mechanics of storytelling and development of a protagonist's arc. She is the best mix of a drill sergeant that will get the best from you, and an empathetic writing peer that understands the process can be hard and solitary."
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Mark Wales, Author of Survivor: 
Life in the SAS (Pan Macmillan)
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Not sure which option is right for you?

Let's jump on a call and decide together.

Some of my work

Book cover of "Design Your Future" by Dominick Quartuccio
Book cover of "Stories for Work" by Gabrielle Dolan
Book cover of "Feedback Flow" by Georgia Murch
Book cover of "The Languages of Leadership" by Wendy Born
Book cover of "Xcelerate" by Paul Broadfoot
Book cover of "Visual Thinking" by Emma Bannister
Book cover of "Projectify" by Jeff Schwisow
Book cover of "Unshakeable At Work" by Sue Anderson
Book cover of "Smart Teams" by Dermot Crowley
Book cover of "Visible" by Nicola Moras
Book cover of "Buy-In" by Julia Steel
Book cover of "The Entrepreneurial Clinician" by Jo Muirhead
Book cover of "Creating a Customer Service Mindset" by Jaquie Scammell
Book cover of "The First 2 Hours" by Donna McGeorge
Book cover of "It's Who You Know" by Janine Garner
Book cover of "Deep Listening" by Oscar Trimboli
Book cover of "Career Leap" by Michelle Gibbings
Book cover of "Blind Spots" by Bec Brideson
Book cover of "Cultivating Curiosity" by Evette Cordy
Book cover of "The 25 Minute Meeting" by Donna McGeorge
Book cover of "Bad Boss" by Michelle Gibbings
Book cover of "On Purpose Leadership" by Dominick QuartuccioBook cover of "The Essential Guide For Are Leaders in Retail" by Alison Crabb
Book Coach and Editor Kelly Irving

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