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Author Your Story Journal

An interactive and illustrated book to help you write work that matters

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write book

This program will help you to plan and write your best book

What they say
A handy companion for any writer planning to spend time in a cabin by themselves in the woods.
A surprising bundle of inspiration, tips, exercises, quotes delivered in journal packed full of adventure


Packed full of useful advice, tools, tips, quotes, writing exercises and illustrated resources to guide you on the adventure from idea to implementation.

Learn to Author Your Journey by:

  1. Overcoming fear that stops you from writing 

  2. Identifying the right people for your journey

  3. Staying productive and focused

  4. Increasing your writing output

  5. Enjoying freedom and fun while you’re in flow

  6. Getting out of writing ruts when you’re not

  7. Encouraging ‘aha moments’

  8. Making your writing 10x better 

  9. Finishing and shipping your best work

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This program

Is for...

• Writers in all genres, but particularly useful for non-fiction and business 

• Authors of books, white papers, articles, blogs, LinkedIn posts, thesis, reports or, even, emails

I’m obsessed with helping experts, CEOs and thought leaders, author work that matters and makes an impact. As a bestselling-book coach, editor, and creator of The Expert Author Academy, I nurture authors from idea to implementation. My unique Write Book method, results in book awards and major publisher deals (I have never had a book rejected), and transforms businesses from 6 to 7-figure turnovers.

My work consistently makes the Top 100 business books in Australia every year.

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I want you to feel confident with what you produce and I am confident that you will. But this program is still not for everyone. I would rather you choose the program that is right for you and your needs.