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For change makers who are ready to show up authentically, start meaningful conversations and fulfil their potential and impact in the world

(with the support of a best-selling book coach)

If you’re ready to share your expertise, experience and wisdom in a way that brings you more authority and impacts lives…

… you will have already heard that you need to write a book to take your message further.

But the problem is…

you don’t have a clue how to actually make that happen, and a niggling voice in your head keeps telling you that you don’t have what it takes to succeed…

Because what if …

  • You don’t have what it takes to stand out as an authority?
  • Nobody cares what you have to say?
  • Somebody else has already said it?
  • It flops?

And because your confidence is shaky and you don’t have a clear game plan, you find that:

  • You sign up for every free writing forum, and all you’ve got is feedback overload and no clear path forward
  • Your writing efforts are erratic because you don’t have clarity,  focus or accountability
  • You end the day in utter despair, feeling demoralised and burned out, wondering whether you should give up on this authorship thing altogether…

At the same time,

something keeps driving you forward.


You know it’s your ticket to:

  • better quality leads, dream clients, and increased revenue
  • clarity over your business model and message
  • speaking on high-profile stages and podcasts
  • sharing your knowledge with the world and creating a legacy

You’re eager to package up your brilliance

You have a big vision, big ideas, and a LOT of talent… and you’re determined to put those things to good use. Your worst nightmare is looking back in 10 or 20 years time and thinking, “If only I’d tried…”

You know you can make a difference and leave a lasting legacy

You’re certain that the work you do is capable of creating game-changing transformations for people, and you can’t wait to share it with the people who need it.

You’re ready to fulfill your own potential

You’re determined NOT to make excuses or waste years of your time figuring it out on your own. You’re an action taker who wants to get this book off the ground and make a massive success of it ASAP.


here’s what might be holding you back…

Road Block


You don’t have a roadmap

You don’t have a structure or process, so you write, re-write, delete and repeat. Now you’re not even sure what comes next.

Road Block


You’re working in a bubble with no feedback

Without the right support, encouragement and feedback, you’re feeling increasingly lost and isolated. If only you had someone holding space for your big dreams and guiding you along.

Road Block


You have so many ideas

But you can’t make up your mind to commit to any of them. And maybe none of them feel unique. So you keep tinkering with it, pulling it apart, churning up time, and becoming increasingly frustrated.

Road Block


You don’t have an author mindset

Making the mental shift to see yourself as an author is an inside job. Even the most powerful message will fail if you’re delivering it from a place of self-doubt and fear. Because if you don’t believe in your own worth and value, how do you expect anyone else to?

Dom Quartuccio
WON a $60k contract
Jo Muirhead
increased revenue by 80%
Mykel Dixon
SIGNED  with John Wiley
Fiona Robertson
2 Book deals in 6 months

What if writing a book

didn’t have to be a long, lonely grind?

Let me introduce you to…

The immersive, step-by-step roadmap to fast-track writing a non-fiction book that positions you as an authority

(without losing your mind, your weekends, or your money).

All the trainings, strategies and resources to help you clarify your message, and write and publish

a book of influence …

all in a 5 module program backed by a community of 90+ like-minded changemakers.

Take a sneak peek at

what’s waiting inside for you…

The Expert Author Academy is an education framework, coaching and community experience that includes everything you need to plan, write, edit, design, publish and market a book that builds a long-term audience for your business.

  • video trainings
  • group coaching
  • Q&A sessions
  • discounts
  • guest experts
  • supportive community
  • done-for-you resources

The Five

Program stages


Adopt successful beliefs and behaviours to drive progress

Your mindset, habits and the underlying step-by-step system you have in place are key to not just starting your book, but finishing it.

This is the proven method that:
  • • strips the time-wasting from the creative process
  • • supports you to finally step into your unique brilliance

Work out your unique value and selling point

Without a strategy, you’re going nowhere. I’m not going to let that happen to you.

This is the proven method that:
  • • gets you crystal clear on your goals around writing your book
  • • defines your unique commercial value, the market, and your audience

Use The Write Book Method - a fail-proof roadmap for your book AND every chapter

Now it’s time to start outlining your book. I’m handing over my proven (translation: bestselling) book AND chapter structure.

This is the proven method that:
  • • hands you the blueprint for making writing a breeze
  • • gives you a repeatable method that you can use again and again

Communicate your most powerful business message

Next, you’re going to take your best message, thoughts and ideas, and write a compelling, credible story that aligns with your purpose.

This is the proven method that:
  • unscrambles your ideas to connect, engage and build trust
  • gives you the confidence to know what to cut, what to keep, and what to refine

Distribute and market your work

A big idea and hard work alone aren’t enough. If you want your message to truly have an impact - you have to get it in front of the right audience.

This is the proven method that:
  • clarifies your options for designing, publishing and marketing your book
  • saves you time, money and guesswork by handing you my Little Black Book of industry contacts

Some specific topics we’ll cover

  • The key ingredients of a killer book title
  • How to pitch to a publisher (from a bestselling book coach who has NEVER had a book pitch rejected)
  • Secrets to successful (award-winning) book covers
  • Leverage your book content to open even more doors
  • How to get powerful publicity


to make sure you’re supported every step of the way, you’ll also get access to thesE bonuses:

Fortnightly group coaching


Interactive and practical sessions run by me to help you implement everything you learn and get to the other side of your challenges. This is YOUR opportunity to get my hands-on support and guidance that’s 100% focused on results.

Members-only community


You’ll join me, along with the supportive arms of your peers and alumni, in our private Facebook group where we’ll celebrate success, ask questions, and support each other as we stretch and grow. And because I believe in community and collaboration to my core, you won’t just learn from me. I invite the greatest minds and guest experts in the industry to share their wisdom and help you reach your goals.

FOCUS FRIEND (priceless)

You’ll be matched with a buddy who will help you move through all of the materials with help and support at every step. No more echo chamber.

All the exercises & execution plans you’ll ever need, including the bestselling author marketing plan


Done-for-you structural and writing templates, roadmaps, execution plans and online transcripts to facilitate the right conversations with the right people.

Directory of trusted suppliers


You’ll get the details of my pro team PLUS recommendations from other authors who have completed the program. It means you won’t be wasting time sourcing editors, designers, printers and publishers (and hoping for the best).



Never question what to do or when to do it again. My proven and practical project plan is all yours. It’s the same one I use with each and every client to fast-track their book.

That’s over
worth of bonuses

Kelly understands her role beautifully – which is to guide the ‘expert’ (ie the author) through the structuring process of a book so the ‘non-expert’ (ie the reader) can ‘get’ the concepts quickly and easy. If you’re looking to have a book published, Kelly would be a great inclusion to have on your team.

PATRICK HOLLINGWORTH published by John Wiley

If you are considering writing a book, you cannot go past Kelly's help...

...It won't only be an investment in this program it will be an investment in every future publication you want to write.

NICOLA MORAS Visible and Into the Spotlight

You have two ways to join

The Expert Author Academy




You could pay me $20K+ for intensive 1:1 book coaching or you could place yourself in my hot seat with a load of other purpose-driven go-getters. Part training. Part community. Part brain-pick.




An immersive option that fast-tracks writing a book in 4 months, with 1:1 coaching and personal developmental feedback and advice from me.

Think of it as accountability and support on steroids.

There are 3 things you should know:

  • This is a fast-track, no-excuse process with a personal project plan and deadline.
  • 4 x 25-min coaching calls with me over 4 months means my eyes will be on your work, giving you developmental feedback and personal advice.
  • In 4 months, you’ll have a structurally sound manuscript that’s ready for a publisher or copy editor (less intensive copy editing means more time and money saved).

When you are FULLY in, have a rock-solid STRATEGY to follow, and a HIGH VIBE community behind you, there’s no stopping you.

Expert Author Academy
Author Accelerate
group plus 1:1
limited 6 spots!
Expert Author Academy Program (valued at $2997)
LIFETIME Fortnightly Group Coaching with me: workshops, Hot Seat Q/A, publishing industry guest experts and Community Member Spotlight (valued at $3997)
LIFETIME Exclusive members-only Accountability Community for regular support & feedback (valued at $997)
Bonus Resources, inc. Bestselling Marketing Plan & Directory of Trusted Suppliers - aka my Little Black Book of industry contacts (valued at $4991)
All the videos, worksheets, execution plans & templates you'll ever need (priceless)
Focus Friend (optional) to keep accountable to your goals with another author (priceless)
10 set, no-excuse deadlines to fast-track planning and writing your book in 4 months (priceless)
4 x 25min VIP coaching and workshopping calls for personal one-on-one with my eyes on your stuff! (valued at $6780)
Personalised project plan to keep you accountable (valued at $997)
Advice on pitching to a publisher - I have NEVER had a book rejected (priceless)



$297 AUD


$7995 AUD

Author Accelerate
group plus 1:1  
limited 6 spots!



“But I don’t have time for another course, program, membership…”


because this isn’t that.

This is a repeatable, proven step-by-step framework with EVERYTHING you could need to write and publish a book that does the heavy lifting for you.

And it’s delivered by a coach who knows what the heck she’s talking about (with the results to prove it).

Hundreds of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and speakers (just like you) have already learned how to get the recognition and momentum they deserve using this exact framework.

And that’s what we want, right?

We want to know that we have something worth saying.

We want to know how to make a meaningful connection.

What Our Community Is Saying


Alessandra Edwards

“Working with you earlier would have saved me 2 years of grief.”

Thought leaders

Ciara Lancaster

“There’s a reason why so many best-selling authors return to Kelly.”

Business owners

Ingrid Messner

“If you’re a business owner working on clarifying your message, Kelly does a brilliant job at getting it out of you.”

Hi, I’m Kelly Irving.

Bestselling book coach and

creator of Expert Author Academy.

Being able to say that I have launched debut authors, created bestsellers, and won countless publishing pitches looks great on LinkedIn. But it’s not why I do what I do. It’s much deeper than that.

Coaching someone through the process of unearthing their message, bringing it to life, taking it to the people and places that matter….. and then seeing that book deliver tangible results right back into their business and personal lives? Well, that’s a feeling beyond measure.

And now? All the things I learned baptism-by-fire style over 10 years, I’m breaking them down for you, step-by-step to help you:

  • Clarify purposefully
  • Plan properly
  • Write strategically
  • Market successfully
  • Leverage consistently

Any book coach or editor can look at the words of a book, but I’m going to take you deeper to your thoughts, ideas and strategy: Why are you writing it? Who will want to read it? How can it catapult your business, career and reputation?

Together, we’re going to turn your message into a movement (and make a whole lot of impact doing it.)

This is how to start sharing and getting recognised for the expertise, experience and wisdom only you have.

Are you ready to believe in yourself?

If you’re having a little tug o’ war with yourself right now, this might help….


I believe wholeheartedly in this program, and I know my method works, but it’s not for everyone or every book.  The worst case scenario for both of us is where you join and then feel like it’s a waste of your time and money.

So here’s my 100% rock-solid guarantee: If you do all the work and worksheets, follow the exact process outlined, and you’re not happy, you’ve got 60 days to ask for your money back.

If there’s a part of you that’s jumping with excitement to get inside, *now* is the time to make your move, with my guarantee safely tucked away in your back pocket.

It was really important to me to create something that people would want to read and would make a difference in their life ...

Kelly has helped me hone my messaging, and help me produce materials that I am actually proud of.
I strongly recommend that smart, driven business people who don’t want to contribute to the information noise get in touch with Kelly now.'

JO MUIRHEAD The Entrepreneurial Clinician

Customer service-kellyirving
The first 2 hours- kellyirving
Its who you know-keyyirving
Deep Listening-kellyirving
Career Leap-keyyirving
25 Minute Meeting- KellyIrving

let's See...

are you a perfect match for Expert Author Academy?

  • You know that writing a book is about more than an ego stroke and adding ‘author’ to your bio
  • You want a book that captures all your IP and that you’re  confident to stand behind
  • You want a valuable marketing asset that works hard for you
  • You want to develop your personal brand and stand out against a sea of competitors
  • You want to make a difference in a way that really matters to you
  • You want to be invited to speak at top industry events and position your services for premium fees
  • You want to gain visibility and influence far beyond your regular reach
Everything you learn inside Expert Author Academy helps you become that person.

Everything you learn helps you to unlock your most powerful message and share your purpose.

If you’re still not sure if you’ll get value out of the experience, send me a message. I’ll let you know if you’re not a good fit.

By joining Kelly's program and working through The Write Book Method relentlessly, I ended up with a two book deal with a major publisher.

If you want to put together your first book or pitch to a major publisher, you got to work with Kelly Irving. She is the best in the business. Why would you go anywhere else?

MYKEL DIXON Everyday Creative

When you implement the Expert Author Academy framework…

You go from this
  • Hellish self-doubt, wondering if you’re good enough or if you should call it quits
  • No clue how to take your ideas and turn them into a meaningful book
  • Interrupted momentum and overwhelm at what comes next
  • Scrambled, cluttered and dry ideas
  • Plagued by Lonely Writer Syndrome, with no one to bounce ideas off
To This
  • An expansive mindset shift that unlocks the door to your big dreams
  • A super clear step-by-step framework and a repeatable system to write again and again
  • A detailed Project Plan that maps out every step and keeps you on track
  • A message with clarity, authority and interest
  • Empowering, constructive feedback in a safe environment, with a mentor to lead you the entire way

The thing is: you’re not here to only go halfway towards your dreams.

So what’s your next chapter?

Is it more of the same… going it alone and hoping that somehow you won’t be in the same place in 12 months?


Is it busting into wild self-belief, empowerment and success?

If you’ve had enough of the guessing game…

If you’re ready to work smarter, not harder…

And if you’re ready for more recognition and impact than you’ve ever had before…

Grab your spot in…

Question time…

What exactly does the Expert Author Academy include?

All the writing and publishing advice, support, information, resources, worksheets, templates, industry contacts, system and structure that you will EVER need to write and publish your book.

This brings together my 10 years’ worth of knowledge and experience, as well as my established working relationships with the best in the business of books. There is nothing else like this around. (Serious.)

Which option is right for me? Author Kickstart or Author Accelerate?

New to this, have a tight budget and need to get off to a flying start? Join Author Kickstart.

Ready to add value to your business within a tight timeframe and need 1:1 support? Join Author Accelerate.

My authors have won awards and signed publishing contracts in both options. The most important decision you can make is to start

What if I’ve started writing already?

This program meets you where you’re at. I’ve had people join before with absolutely no idea and others with the makings of half a book. As long as you want all the opportunities that come with writing a non-fiction book, you’re in the right place.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer idea of writing and publishing a book. Can I really do this?

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Bottom line is that there’s a significant amount of things I’m going to ask you to learn and implement.

But you’re not going to do all the things, all at once. As long as you’re willing to invest a few hours each week and reach out for help if you get stuck, you can do this!

My promise to you is that you’ll always feel like EVERYTHING you’re doing is bringing you one step closer to the end goal of a book and all the rewards and fulfillment it offers.

As my client Penny Locaso says in her book Hacking Happiness, “growth is what happens when you embrace discomfort and face what you’re avoiding.”

Will I need to invest in other services to create and launch my book?

The short answer is: yes. You will need to consider costs like hiring an editor, designer, printer, publisher, and marketer. I can’t tell you how much those will be since every author’s writing and publishing choices are different. What I can tell you is that this program will SAVE you time and money.

First up, I’m going to explain all the pieces of the puzzle. Then, I’m going to help you make wise choices using my Directory of Trusted Suppliers (this will save you from going down the rabbit-hole of sourcing quotes from multiple suppliers). Plus, my special relationships means you also have access to discounted services.

Will I have help if I get stuck?

Getting you ‘unstuck’ and keeping you on track is what I’m here for.  

1. I run (and record) fortnightly group workshops involving Q&A, training, guest experts and authors.

2. You'll have the keys to my Coaching Vault, where you can access EVERY workshop I have ever run (there’s over 50 sessions!). You can literally get ‘unstuck’ in a matter of minutes.

3.  You’ll be a part of an active and highly supportive Facebook community full of go-getters who are on the exact same journey as you. I will strategically “match make” you with 2 other peers as Focus Friends so you can meet regularly and keep each other supported and motivated.

4. And if you’re *really* stuck or struggling? I offer paid 1:1 coaching sessions.

You’ll never be a “lonely writer” again.

What’s a rough idea of the commitment needed to get a book done?

On average, it’ll take 4-6 dedicated months to get a book from initial idea to final edit. The Fast-Track Project Plan maps out the entire process by weekly tasks so you hit the milestones toward your target deadline - and then beyond! It includes editing, designing, publishing and marketing, too.

You don’t need to retreat to a cave and ignore your family, friends and business. As a guide, you’ll get best results if you can allocate 5-7 hours per week implementing what you learn. Some weeks you will do more, and some, you’ll do less - that’s OK.

How long will I have access to the materials and community?

Lifetime. You’ll be able to move through and refer back to all the resources whenever you need, plus access any future updates (this is my signature program so I’m forever refining and adding new resources).

Still Here?

Let me guess why

The persistent, nagging worry that you’re not ready, and all the tools and coaching in the world won’t be enough to move you forward.

Let me share some insight about “being ready”.

Readiness is a myth. The stars, the moon and the sun aren’t going to align to herald your “readiness.”

Procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment won’t make you smarter, or more confident, or give you more influence.

You’ve already got something worth sharing.

The only thing stopping you from turning it into your best marketing asset is knowing how to package it up and put it in front of the right people…

Which is exactly what Expert Author Academy will teach you.

So, for the last time…
Are you ready to write and publish a book without all the guesswork?

+ 5 stages
+ All videos & templates
+ Group coaching and workshops
+ Community
+ Focus Friend
+ All bonuses

6 instalments
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Everything PLUS

+ 4-month fast track deadline
+ 10 set weekly deadlines
+ VIP feedback w/ Kelly
+ 4 x 25-min coaching calls w/ Kelly
+ Personal project plan & key tasks

1 instalment
Let Me InClick Here for 20% Discount
Expert Author Academy
Author Accelerate
group plus 1:1
limited 6 spots!
Expert Author Academy Program (valued at $2997)
LIFETIME Fortnightly Group Coaching with me: workshops, Hot Seat Q/A, publishing industry guest experts and Community Member Spotlight (valued at $3997)
LIFETIME Exclusive members-only Accountability Community for regular support & feedback (valued at $997)
Bonus Resources, inc. Bestselling Marketing Plan & Directory of Trusted Suppliers - aka my Little Black Book of industry contacts (valued at $4991)
All the videos, worksheets, execution plans & templates you'll ever need (priceless)
Focus Friend (optional) to keep accountable to your goals with another author (priceless)
10 set, no-excuse deadlines to fast-track planning and writing your book in 4 months (priceless)
4 x 25min VIP coaching and workshopping calls for personal one-on-one with my eyes on your stuff! (valued at $6780)
Personalised project plan to keep you accountable (valued at $997)
Advice on pitching to a publisher - I have NEVER had a book rejected (priceless)



$297 AUD


$7995 AUD

Author Accelerate
group plus 1:1  
limited 6 spots!