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For change makers who are ready to show up authentically, start meaningful conversations and fulfil their potential and impact in the world

(with the support of a best-selling book coach)

Let me introduce you to…

The immersive, step-by-step roadmap to fast-track writing a non-fiction book that positions you as an authority (without losing your mind, your weekends, or your money).

A glimpse of what awaits you inside…

All the trainings, strategies and resources to help you clarify your message, and write and publish a book of influence … all in a 5 module program backed by a community of like-minded changemakers.

  • video trainings
  • group coaching
  • Q&A sessions
  • guest experts
  • supportive community
  • done-for-you resources
  • exclusive partner discounts

The Five

Program stages



Adopt successful beliefs and behaviours to drive progress



Work out your unique value and selling point



Use The Write Book Method - a fail-proof roadmap for your book AND every chapter



Communicate your most powerful business message



Distribute and market your work

By joining Kelly's program and working through The Write Book Method relentlessly, I ended up with a two book deal with a major publisher. If you want to put together your first book or pitch to a major publisher, you got to work with Kelly Irving. She is the best in the business. Why would you go anywhere else?

MYKEL DIXON Everyday Creative

let's See...

are you a perfect match for Expert Author Academy?

  • You know that writing a book is about more than an ego stroke and adding ‘author’ to your bio
  • You want a book that captures all your IP and that you’re  confident to stand behind
  • You want a valuable marketing asset that works hard for you
  • You want to develop your personal brand and stand out against a sea of competitors
  • You want to make a difference in a way that really matters to you
  • You want to be invited to speak at top industry events and position your services for premium fees
  • You want to gain visibility and influence far beyond your regular reach

When you implement the Expert Author Academy framework…

You go from this
  • Hellish self-doubt, wondering if you’re good enough or if you should call it quits
  • No clue how to take your ideas and turn them into a meaningful book
  • Interrupted momentum and overwhelm at what comes next
  • Scrambled, cluttered and dry ideas
  • Plagued by Lonely Writer Syndrome, with no one to bounce ideas off
To This
  • An expansive mindset shift that unlocks the door to your big dreams
  • A super clear step-by-step framework and a repeatable system to write again and again
  • A detailed Project Plan that maps out every step and keeps you on track
  • A message with clarity, authority and interest
  • Empowering, constructive feedback in a safe environment, with a mentor to lead you the entire way

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