Write your book
with me faster
and make it 20
times better
than if you were
on your own.

If you’re already a thought leader or expert with well-developed knowledge and experience AND you have the commitment, drive and dedication to actually making the publisher pipedream a reality, then you’ll be a great fit for my high-end, intensive work.

This is not for

everyone and every book.

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• Have a publisher deadline, or want to approach a publisher with a pitch

• Are a black-belt in the Thought Leaders Business School

• Want to improve existing knowledge and IP

• Have great positioning and profile already

• Are willing to invest into creating your best work

• Can commit to a weekly Skype call and writing 3000 words a week

Together, we will:

• Decide if we’re a good fit

• Set a deadline for the work to be complete (unless you already have a publisher deadline)

• Set key tasks according to a timeline to reach the deadline

• Schedule a weekly Skype call to discuss progress and set the next key steps

• Plan, write and edit together in a 100% collaborative process designed to complement how you work best.

"Kelly's a dream to work with. She pours her heart and soul into what will be one of your most proud life achievements - a great book."

Paul Broadfoot

"Working with Kelly is a joy. Her approach goes far beyond the editing process - she’s a sounding board, coach and an important source of motivation. "

Simon Dowling

"Amazing! Kelly took my concepts, ideas and random ramblings and put them in a logical, cohesive sequence. She was the tough love I needed. "

Gabrielle Dolan

"Kelly is a genius at helping extract thinking and then crafting your words and thoughts into meaningful content."

Janine Garner
janine garner

If this is you, you’ll join leading

thought leaders like:

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If working with me side-by-side sounds like something you’d like to explore, then please fill out this questionnaire to give me an idea about you and what you’re trying to achieve.