Janine, a small favour.....

A testimonial for my white paper online program

Review the draft sales program page => https://www.kellyirving.com/programs/whitepaper

How to record

Do this in a room with decent light

- Put headphones or a mic in

- Smile! (especially at beginning and end)

- Make sure you have no ad blockers running

- Press ‘Record’ below Finished? It automatically saves your file to my dropbox (no need to share)

- Messed up? You can just record it again 

- Alternative to the above? Just upload your own file to dropbox

Complete by Wednesday 3rd July please!


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What to say
1. Who are you and what do you do?

2. Why should someone (business owner or corporate) consider a white paper?

3. Why should they do it with me?

4. What will they achieve from working with me?

5. What will they love most about working with me and using my process, structure or methodology?

6. Why should someone sign up to my white paper writing program?

TOTAL: 1 to 1.5 minutes (Will be edited if need be so don’t stress)

Thank you!