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How to record

💻 Use your laptop or mobile phone (landscape)

💡 Do it in a place with decent light

🎙️ Put headphones or a mic in

😁 Smile! (especially at beginning and end)

⏺️ Press ‘Record’ below

✅ You will be prompted to allow access to Camera. Click Allow

🏁 Finished? It automatically saves your file to my dropbox (no need to share)

🤦 Messed up? You can just record it again. 

🤳 Alternative to the above? Just upload your own recording

Complete by Wednesday 3rd July please!

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What to say

1. Who are you and what do you do? (Name and position)

2. What is your biggest business challenge right now? Why will a white paper help?

3. Why do it with me? What attracted you to me?

4. How are your expectations being reached? (Mention what you thought of the worksheets and questions)

5. Who would you recommend to join my white paper writing program? Why?

TOTAL: 1 to 1.5 minutes (Will be edited if need be so don’t stress)

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