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5 Secrets To Your Successful Book :

what every expert author must know and action

The only thing standing between you and a book that offers value for you, your business and your audience is knowing how to be purposeful, strategic and consistent. This is the workshop that will help you pull it all together

(wherever you’re at in your book writing journey)

What Other Authors Are Already Saying About The Workshop:

Splendid thank you:)
You're the bestest, Kelly!
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In this free workshop, you’ll uncover…

The Secret

to a fail-proof book that engages your audience and converts them into clients and lifelong fans

How to Avoid

the #1 mistake people make when writing (that costs them dearly in time and money)

The five Strategies

you can use to fast-track and action your book (minus the gimmicky Amazon hacks)


a special offer for anyone who shows up live. What is it? Only one way to find out…

This value-packed event happens live at 10am AEST on Thursday 17th June










In case we haven’t met, I’m Kelly Irving.

Book Coach and founder of Expert Author Academy. I help brilliant minds who are ready to take their message to the places and people that truly matter, by becoming a published author.

Join me in this jam-packed 60 minute workshop and I promise you’ll leave feeling confident, clear and excited to produce your book, so that you can grow your business and make your contribution to the world.

Everything I will share is proven and practical, based on helping experts like you to write, publish and pitch their books (I have NEVER had a book rejected).

Hope to see you there!

Wendy Born had this to say about my free workshop…

I was referred to Kelly’s workshop by a friend of mine. From the first minute, I was hooked! Things became clearer and clearer in such a short space of time. This was EXACTLY what I had been looking for!

…then she went on to sign a publishing contract with Major Street (with my help).

Ciara Lancaster also came to the workshop and said…

Kelly’s workshop is fantastic! Check it out

…then she went on to self publish her book and gain media exposure as a result.