I’m excited to invite you into the
Expert Author Community.


You’ve taken the first brave step to become an author.

Thank you for entrusting me as your guide on this wild and wonderful ride, which I promise will also be a lot of fun.

The Expert Author Academy community is hosted on a platform called Circle.

This is now where we’ll be conversing, learning and connecting with each other.

Please don’t see this as another “thing to do” or place to share what you had for breakfast - it is not your average run–of-the-mill group.

Instead, this community has been designed with these 3 things top of mind:

  1. We need a distraction-free environment to work on a book.
  2. We need a space that encourages us to turn up, create buy-in, facilitate commitment and help us do the work we need to do to get the end result.
  3. We need ONE streamlined place where we communicate, giving you better control of how and how often you hear from us.

I know getting used to a new program and platform can be a bit overwhelming, so I’ve made everything as simple and easy to use as possible.

The more you use the community, the more familiar you will become with it.

And, the more you give to the community, the more you will receive out of it.

So over the next few days, expect to receive some emails from me to help you use and familiarise yourself inside Circle with the course materials, coaching sessions and the community conversations.

I’m really looking forward to finding out more about you, your work and your superpowers so we can genuinely create a wider impact in the world.

Head back to your inbox now to receive
your next access step.


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Where are you
at In your book writing journey?
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