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Hi, I'm Kelly

I help you unlock what's inside your head, so you plan, write and publish your best book as fast, fun and pain-free as possible.

Write absolutely anything, fast.

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I help change makers, trailblazers and leaders, author work that matters and makes an impact. As a bestselling-book coach, editor, and creator of The Expert Author Academy, I nurture authors from idea to implementation. My unique Write Book method, results in book awards and major publisher deals (I have never had a book rejected), and transforms businesses from 6 to 7-figure turnovers.

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My work consistently makes the Top 100 business books in Australia every year.

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Some books by Kelly

Book cover of "Design Your Future" by Dominick Quartuccio
Book cover of "Stories for Work" by Gabrielle Dolan
Book cover of "Feedback Flow" by Georgia Murch
Book cover of "The Languages of Leadership" by Wendy Born
Book cover of "Xcelerate" by Paul Broadfoot
Book cover of "Visual Thinking" by Emma Bannister
Book cover of "Projectify" by Jeff Schwisow
Book cover of "Unshakeable At Work" by Sue Anderson
Book cover of "Smart Teams" by Dermot Crowley
Book cover of "Visible" by Nicola Moras
Book cover of "Buy-In" by Julia Steel
Book cover of "The Entrepreneurial Clinician" by Jo Muirhead
Book cover of "Creating a Customer Service Mindset" by Jaquie Scammell
Book cover of "The First 2 Hours" by Donna McGeorge
Book cover of "It's Who You Know" by Janine Garner
Book cover of "Deep Listening" by Oscar Trimboli
Book cover of "Career Leap" by Michelle Gibbings
Book cover of "Blind Spots" by Bec Brideson
Book cover of "Cultivating Curiosity" by Evette Cordy
Book cover of "The 25 Minute Meeting" by Donna McGeorge
Book cover of "Bad Boss" by Michelle Gibbings
Book cover of "On Purpose Leadership" by Dominick QuartuccioBook cover of "The Essential Guide For Are Leaders in Retail" by Alison Crabb

How you can start writing

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writing journal

An interactive and illustrated book packed full of useful advice, tools, tips, quotes, writing exercises and illustrated resources to guide you on the adventure from idea to implementation.

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THE ExperT Author

The Expert Author Academy is the leading step-by-step framework for trailblazers and change makers to write and publish their book in a way that fulfils their impact in the world.

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Work with Kelly

Work with me one-on-one to pitch, plan and publish your best book, with an independent or major publisher. My books consistently make the Top 100 books in Australia every year.

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Troy McKinna

'Kelly is extraordinary at coaching not just through the writing process, but through all the barriers you will face at every stage of the book journey, including what happens once it’s written.

She helped me to extract and structure 20 years of thinking from my brain into something incredible.'
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