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Redundant Charities

Redundant Charities

Book by Weh Yeoh "Redundant Charities" - Kelly Irving Book Coach

Charities aren't geared to ever stop. They're geared to continue. The fundamental design of charities hasn't shifted much since their inception decades ago. But, in a number of grassroots charities, change is afoot. These are charities that defy the limitations of this design by setting end goals and clear exit strategies. They are more interested in finishing the job than creating dependency. They are more interested in shutting down than growing. These charities are known as Redundant Charities. In this book, Weh Yeoh builds on his experience working globally with international and grassroots charities. This book is for those looking for a new approach to charity work. An approach that starts by recognising that a successful charity is one that makes themselves redundant.

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