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23 New Business Books You Should Read in 2023

Discover the top 22 business books you should add to your 2022 reading list


How a book becomes your best content marketing strategy

Your book creates its own content along the way. What do I mean by this?


What’s a book coach, and why might you need one? Q&A with Kelly Irving

I’m really pleased to share this Q/A with you, from my very good friends and colleagues at Major Street Publishing, to help you understand a little more about book coaches and the industry we operate in. Could a book coach be what you need to start or finish that book of yours?


How to find the “write” words to begin your book in just 35 minutes

Still looking for the "write" words to begin your book? Then spend your next 35 minutes with Olivia McCoy and myself. This is a recent podcast I recorded with the fantastic team at Smith Publicity in New York, US.


Writing a book? You need a 5-minute Book Task Checklist (includes your actual Checklist)

Have this checklist nearby, so on the days you just can’t get into the actual writing or deep work required then you can whip out this little checklist and start ticking off small but invaluable tasks.


4 Reasons Why You Need A Book Coach

There are many reasons why you would hire a book coach. These 4 steps explain the benefits of using a book publishing coach to get the most out of your work.


A 6 Step Guide on How to Write a Book

Anyone can write a book and get it published, you just need to know the right steps. Find out how to successfully write your first book and start writing today!


Book Coaching: Nurturing Ideas and the Writers Who Bring Them to Life

Looking for assistance and support as you learn how to be an author? Effective book coaching can help you build key writing skills and knowledge.


What is a Book Coach? A Mentor, Partner, and Motivator

What is a book coach? Learn more about the benefits of working with a book coach. They can help you turn your ideas and insights into a published work.


3 Benefits of Hiring a Book Writing Coach

Interested in working with a book writing coach? Learn more about how to find a book coach and the ways in which they can support your writing goals.


Which personality types make the best book authors?

Which personality types make the best book authors? (And I don't just mean a crazy one :-) Are there particular personalities or personality traits that facilitate a faster, more fruitful book writing process?


How to Start Writing a Book

You’ve got the experience, expertise and vision to start writing your book, but how? What do you need to know? The hardest thing is the beginning of a book. For most writers, it took them a while to find their flow. More so, the fear of failure can paralyze a lot from getting to “the end.”


7 Reasons You Need a Book Writing Mentor

Writing a book is seen as a long and lonely process. But if you’re going to ask all already published writers, working alone in your own little bubble is a big NO-NO. Here are the top 7 reasons why having a book writing mentor by your side is the best


How to Find the Right Book Editor

Before the world gets to see your book, you’ll need an outside, professional perspective on your writing.


22 New Business Books You Should Read in 2022

Discover the top 22 business books you should add to your 2022 reading list


It's time to write your book

There are a lot of reasons to write a non-fiction book, but one intangible value of a book is how it transforms and impacts your life.


How to overcome fear as an aspiring author

Aspiring authors often worry what if no one cared about their work. Read these tips how to manage fear when writing your book


Optimise your book's Bliss Point with beta readers

Beta readers help you find the problems in your book and fix them BEFORE you hit publish. Start mapping out the right way to approach them


How to get out of toxic productivity when writing

Hear advice from Nathan Sudds of Focusmate how to get out of toxic productivity when writing your business book.


How to stop wasting time on email

Oh no, not another email... (yes I know you're thinking that right now). I get it. I really do. That's why I'm going to shut up and let productivity pro Donna McGeorge reveal her foolproof hack to help you stop wasting time writing and responding to emails. Here's how.


How to embrace storytelling to help you write a business book

Just because it's business, doesn't mean it has to be bland, as storytelling expert Gabrielle Dolan explains in this video.


12 takeaways from James Clear on what it takes to write and launch a bestselling book

Any writers, authors, aspiring writers or authors, reading fanatics or just fans of Atomic Habits and James Clear? I was privy to a presentation and interview between Clear and Peter Cook at Thought Leaders business school last week. He's an incredibly candid and grounded guy and I, along with everyone else there, was blown away by his insights and wisdom, and the incredible opportunity to hear him speak.


Top 3 tips to give yourself a swift kick and get onto writing today

In this interview, author and productivity pro Donna McGeorge reveals her top 3 tips to give yourself a swift kick and get onto writing today.


Take 5 minutes to get started with self editing... you'll be happy you did!

Have you got that giddy feeling from finishing your first draft? Great, but that dopamine-spike is relatively short-lived. Why?


Why not everyone is going to like you is a good thing

Putting yourself, your ideas and your opinions out there where they may be criticised is scary. It’s why most of us struggle to write anything at all! Here, service expert, Jaquie Scammell explores how to get over this fear and face the fact that not everyone will like you.


The 4 key people you need in your network to help you write a book

There are 4 people you need in your network to help you succeed in any business goal. Here, Janine Garner, bestselling author of It’s Who You Know, explains the roles these people play when it comes to writing and publishing your book.


How to produce something that makes you stand out in your market

The market is saturated with books on leadership, listening and learning. So what do you do to be different and stand out? Author Oscar Trimboli explains what happened when he teamed up with Emma Bannister and the team at Presentation Studio to produce his book Deep Listening.


Why writing is an investment in your thinking

While there are a lot of books and resources out there that can help you improve your writing, it’s actually the thinking in the actual process of writing that provides the biggest aha moments, as author of Creating a Customer Service MIndset, Jaquie Scammell discovered.


What is the true value of a book and how do you ensure it gets you a return on your investment

While you can write a book in 24 hours, a week or a month, it’s important to understand it’s true value when it comes to building lead generation and positioning for your business over the long term. Author of bestselling book It’s Who You Know, Janine Garner explains why writing quickly might do you more harm than good.


How your book helps improve your overall business message

A book is much more than a ‘business card with thud value’. Here, Deep Listening author, Oscar Trimboli explains how writing helps you develop confidence and conviction in your message and transforms how you present, speak and communicate in your market.


How to identify your audience’s unspoken problem to make a bigger impact

When we launch too quickly into what we think someone’s problem is, without spending the time to actually listen to where they are at, then we miss a valuable opportunity to connect with them on a deeper and more impactful level. Deep listening expert and author Oscar Trimboli explains.


Why you need a small and strategic network to help you succeed

Success is not about having business cards, lots of connections on LinkedIn or thousands of Facebook likes, especially when it comes to writing and selling a book, as bestselling author of It’s Who You Know, Janine Garner explains.


How to speak to a larger audience by writing to a small one

When you write for every leader, CEO, organisation or industry then you end up writing for no one. Customer service expert Jaquie Scammell explains how writing to a small and specific audience means you’ll end up attracting a larger one.


Why empathy is the key to developing a relationship with your customers (aka your audience) in your book

Customer service expert and author Jaquie Scammell explains how to empathise with your audience (aka your customers) in your book to attract their attention.


How to get people to buy-in to your book and big ideas

Getting other people onboard and convinced of your big book idea is crucial to your publishing success. Here’s how to secure that kind of buy-in so it won’t be met with a silent groan.


What a feedback loop is and why you need it to write your book

What do you do when you’re struggling to write about complex concepts in your book? Ask your audience explains confidence expert Michelle Sales.


Why your personality and writing style is the key to finishing a book

Contrary to belief, writing is not always a solitary experience as author Michelle Sales experienced.


Why this four-letter word could cost you book sales

Got visions of following in the footsteps of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck? Author Michelle Sales discusses why it might do you more harm than good.


How to master the art of buy-in

While you might think you have a great idea for a book or project, it doesn’t necessarily mean that others will agree. Here’s how to master the art of buy-in with the help of collaboration expert Simon Dowling.


Why you need to create a perennial seller and what happens when you do

As Ryan Holiday, author of Perennial Seller, puts it, “No one sits down to make something hoping it will disappear. No, the whole point is to stand the test of time.” Here’s how Simon Dowling wrote a book that is still as relevant today as it was yesterday.


Why you need to have a strategy for your book and be clear on your WHY

Getting clear on why you are writing a book is your most important, but often, the hardest first step. Bestselling author Simon Dowling reveals his learnings from the process of why he wrote his book.


How to manage self-doubt and other people’s resistance to your ideas

Writing a book often feels like pushing rocks uphill (don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise). So what do you do to manage self-doubt and setbacks? Bestselling author Simon Dowling shares his insights.


How the process of writing helps you master your message and level up

How does a book help you refine the message you’re taking to market? Collaboration expert and bestselling author Simon Dowling explains.


How to successfully pitch your book idea to a publisher

Dreaming of securing a publishing deal? Then follow these tips from buy-in expert and John Wiley author Simon Dowling.


The Ultimate Infographic to Publishing Your Book

You’re probably the kind of person who wants publishing facts without the fluff and jargon. You want to understand the best way to publish your book without being side tracked or sold to by a bunch of salespeople trying to convince you to engage their publishing services. Well, this is how this infographic can help.


Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Independent Publishers

'Self publishing versus major publisher' is one of the biggest debates there is. But there is an alternative option that not many people consider. Independent publishers fall under the category of traditional publishing similar to that of a major, but there are some differences as well, which we will explore here.


Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Major Publishers

Pitching and publishing with a major publisher brings major kudos! It is what we call the most 'traditional' form of publishing, where the majority of the aspects of the publishing process are all taken care of - sounds pretty good, right? Not so fast. There are lots of other things you need to consider before you decide if this is the right avenue for you and your book.


Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Self Publishing

Truth is, there is so much 'help', advice and direction out there when it comes to publishing a book, that alone can make it even more confusing! One of the most popular questions I get asked is whether someone should self publish or go through a major publisher, so I've put this series of posts together to help you unpack the factors that influence the right choice for you, your book and your individual needs. Starting with self publishing....


Banish procrastination with this single proven trick

How many loads of washing does it take to write a blog or a book? It might sound like the beginning of a joke, but most people find this no laughing matter. Procrastination is the number one issue that many thought leaders, business experts, writers, and creatives report hold them back from actually finishing what they set out to achieve.


The difference right now between a professional writer and YOU

There is a reason that professional writers everywhere – a journalist writing a news article, an author writing a business book, or a PR person writing a media release – follow a framework. They have a structure that they use to save themselves a considerable amount of time, to prevent themselves from writing off-task and off-track, from writing something no one will read.


The power of real confidence and how to use it during the writing process

If you’re struggling to muster up the confidence to share your writing with the world, or have some kind of deep-seeded fear about producing a book that isn’t up to scratch, then this episode is a must watch.

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