Private Book Coaching

A high-touch, one-on-one service reserved for people who are hungry to transform the lives of every person their words touch.

I want feedback, accountability and support

Writing a non-fiction book can be a very specific kind of torture

Most people trying to write a book on their own run in to these familiar troubles:
Wanting to write a book, but not knowing where to start. So they don't.
Having a few ideas, some notes, maybe even a basic outline, but not knowing how to pull it together. So they don't.
Suffering from all kinds of self-doubt that tells them they can't do this. So they don't.
Taking classes, reading books and joining writing forums, but still not knowing how to write a book. So they don't.
Feeling creatively stuck and not knowing how to move forward. So they don't.

A quick shake of my son's Magic 8 Ball tells me you've probably run into some of these prickly critters, too.

Whether you’re still debating different directions to go, or you’ve been stuck on draft #207 for the last two years… it's time to leave these behind, for good.

My book coaching will give you the considered editorial feedback you crave, the proven writing framework you need, and the emotional support you're missing.

1:1 Book coaching: a feel-good experience that puts strategy and humans at its heart

While many people THINK writing a book is all about dazzling with knowledge and impressing with data, you're here because you sense it takes something more.

You're right!

^^Feels pretty sweet to hear that, right?

Successful books happen when human connection is consistently at their heart...

...because people love to feel deeply seen and heard.

And then when you wrap strategy around that, it's the shortest bridge I know between your work and the results you're hoping for.

That's why when we work together, we'll create a book so steeped in strategy and the magic of human connection, it will be virtually impossible to fail.

We might just might kindred spirits if you believe in the magic of those things too.

If you want to develop your writing under the guidance of a published author or professional editor AND you've already got a publisher contract, we should talk.

This way to my hot seat

“I'll take 1x cookie-cutter book coaching session, thanks!"- Average Joe

There’s no one way to write a book, despite what the "write a book in 30 days" crew will tell you. Just like there’s no one way to paint a landscape.

My book coaching approach is not cookie-cutter "follow my lead", take these steps and fill in this PDF. There’s no step-by-step “curriculum” where each client will do exactly the same thing. Why?

Because you can’t have radical results when there's no room for your magic.

It's real-time, paradigm-shifting, personalised, intense book coaching. Our work together is highly tailored to your very specific goals, the type of support you’re looking for, and what stage you’re at in your writing journey.

I want personalised book coaching

Book coaching with me is all about this stuff.....


Sometimes you just need a gentle nudge. With a timeline in place, I'll keep you on track to hit every milestone.


You won't be left staring at your Google doc wondering what to do next. Every step will be crystal clear.


Develop a fail-proof structure for your entire book project, from proposal to final draft.


Structure your days and develop a solid writing practice so that you get your work done and can click "Yes, I'm still watching..." on your latest Netflix fave.


Mindset shifts and practical tips that will make establishing (and maintaining) a sustainable writing plan feel possible.


We'll draw a direct line between your book and your business goals. Without it, what's the point?

The result? You’ll write a book that works for your business AND offers a transformational reader experience – without the finger crossing or years of frustration.

From book coaching, to these results:

3 x revenue
Awarded $25M grant
Strong pipeline of inbound leads
Signed 5 figure book contracts
Invitations to speak on stages
Approached to be a guest expert on masterclasses
Seen as the go-to in a category
Featured in media
Codified practice and values
Refined business offerings
Discernment over who to work with
Poured book message into signature courses
Pivoted into new industries
Launched new business
Offered international engagements
Approached for more senior roles

Curious what might be in store for you?

Your life after book coaching

Your idea crystallises in your mind and you feel proud to be contributing something valuable.
You're confident about communicating who you are and why your work matters.
You find yourself sitting down to write without as much resistance because now you’ve got… wait for it… clarity.
You’ve got a clear outline for your book as a whole, not to mention each chapter. As a result, you feel clear and focused.
The ongoing feedback from an experienced book coach and editor is a game changer. Suddenly you’re writing better and you feel better about your work.
As your page count increases, so does your confidence, and your whole outlook shifts as you start to see yourself and your book in a whole new light.
The thought of submitting your work no longer fills you with dread—instead, you’re excited to get your ideas out there in the world.
Your family comments on how much more relaxed you are, now that you’re not punishing yourself for not making progress.

Ok, I'm in. What's next?

Click the “I NEED A BOOK COACH” button and answer a few questions to see if we’re a fit to work together.