"It's like doing an MBA in Australian non-fiction literature"

Welcome to book writing, Kelly Irving style.

I offer four core ways to work with me for people ready to invest in writing a book that brings out their message and makes a positive impact on their audience and business.

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Ciara Lancaster
Keynote Speaker, Author of Reimagining Change
"For me, it was about ensuring I was working with someone who is steeped in integrity and had a good reputation in market. Writing a book using Kelly’s method forced me to ….. dig and go deeper into my human psyche than I’ve ever gone before, knowing that the outcome would be massive value for my reader. The book has been a phenomenal experience…. for both myself, my clients and their teams."
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Ian Lees
Lead Coach at Optimal Future
"Your personal communication style is a huge asset to your offering. You are immediately engaging, down to earth, supportive and encouraging. I expected the coaching sessions to be totally tasks focused, and they are, but I was surprised and encouraged by the comments and perspective you bring that generates a sense of 'I can do this and also a bit of demythologising writing and making it more of an everyday job."

Design your class schedule and let's get going

Coaching Session with Book Coach Kelly Irving

I need someone to guide me through my book

Sounds like a job for my personal one-on-one book coaching. If you've got a publisher contract already? Great! This service is for epic change makers who are ready to transform their business, not just write a book. This is my signature one-on-one package, reserved for people who are hungry to make work that matters and makes a difference.

Yes, i need a book coach
Manuscript assessment with Book Coach Kelly Irving

I want someone to take a look at my manuscript

Let me deep dive into your manuscript and provide clarity and advice to take you from fledgling writer to published author.

give it to me straight
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I'm ready to pitch to a publisher

Ding ding ding! Did someone say Publisher Pitch, AKA my middle name? If you’re gearing up to start pitching your work, this service has got your name written all over it. Know what else it's got written all over it? My 100% success rate.

get me perfectly pitched
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I'm after some coaching, a framework and a community

Expert Author Community was made for you. It opens only a few times a year, but all 365 days I get notes like "I struggle to think of anything more valuable, especially for a first time author." If you're waiting for it to open, get on the waitlist and I'll put you at the front of the queue.

yep, i want all that
"The value is in the confidence to write your book, clarify your position and value to your readers and market, and the speed with which you can make that all happen.
The chapter outlines for the recommended structure of the book was a game-changer for me! You give us a clear and useful roadmap to make it possible in a fraction of the time it would have taken me otherwise. "
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Carolyn Ellis
Author of Lead Conversations That Count

More of a DIY type?

I've got some resources to make your life a little bit easier.

The people I work with make bold and courageous moves, take action on their long-held dream, and see results they once only imagined.

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