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Record-breaking funding, life-changing impact and personal growth: all thanks to Denise Padin Collazo’s award-winning book

Social Justice Leader & Mentor
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How Keegan Luiters’ book is inspiring business leaders to rethink their approach to team performance (and tripling his revenue in the process)

Presenter, Facilitator & Coach
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Meet Cassandra Goodman whose book is encouraging leaders to be their true self and thrive at work

Self-Fidelity Pioneer & Guide

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In case you couldn't tell, I'm creating a new breed of authors.

My approach to BOOK COACHING was born out of a starry-eyed innocence. I haven't been programmed by years working on in a stuffy publishing agency, nobody handed me the 'rule book', and I missed the memo that business books had to be boring.

My Write Book Method is for the originals, creatives and renaissance spirits who are brave enough to share new solutions, offer new insights, and reframe ideas around the most pressing issues of our lives. It's a framework for business strategy and reader transformation to beautifully co-exist.

Your community is waiting for to be ignited by your body of work. You owe it to them to share it with authenticity, courage and integrity.

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