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Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House?

Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House?

Book by Kate Mason "Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House?" - Kelly Irving Book Coach

Parenting can be a tough gig, as every child is unique. Identifying the personality types of both you and your offspring can give you insights that will change your life – and your children’s lives! In Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) In My House?, Kate Mason shares her forty years of coaching experience – in business, schools and parenting workshops, and through raising her own two ‘monsters’ – to explain and teach you how to recognise your children’s innate personality gifts and treasures.

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About the author

A trust leadership speaker, facilitator and coach. She started her career undertaking market research for some of Australia's biggest brands. Then, co-founded a video production house with her husband filming live television and creating safety induction videos.