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Cassandra Goodman
Cassandra Goodman is a leader, co-creator, facilitator and coach. She is guided by an aspiration to generously serve in order to uplift life. Cassandra spent 30 years climbing the ranks of the business world to hold global senior executive roles. Today, she works with courageous pioneers across the world to reconnect to their essential nature and reimage working life.
June 9, 2022

Books written by the author

Success Story

How much of your authentic self should you bring to work? Does it really matter? What if true success and vitality flows from being who we are, not changing who we are?

These are the questions Cassandra explores in her first book Self-Fidelity- How Being True To Yourself Uplifts Your Working Life. Published in 2020, her book was a finalist in the Personal Development category and in the Health and Wellbeing category at the 2021 Australian Business Book Awards. 

Today she is a coach, consultant and facilitator. As the founder of The Centre For Self Fidelity, Cassandra is on a mission to help people live and work in alignment with the truth of who they are, and co-creates organisations where people and performance thrive. Her book continues to attract people who want to work with her and has created a steady stream of opportunities. Bupa, General Electric, Mirvac, ATO, Commonwealth Bank and Citibank are just some of the big names that have turned to Cassandra for her insights.