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Evette Cordy
Evette Cordy is curious – and she’s passionate about making you curious too! She is an adventurous problem finder who delivers commercial business growth through breakthrough innovation. As the chief investigator, lead facilitator and co-Founder of Agents of Spring, Evette runs highly interactive and engaging stakeholder and consumer workshops to identify opportunities and facilitate new ways of thinking in organisations and across industries like technology, retail, services, FMCG, property, government, education and banking and finance. Evette Cordy is not only an innovation expert, but also a registered psychologist with a rich understanding of customer behaviours, motivation and needs. She had led innovation projects for the world’s leading brands in over 50 countries, and is also a certified facilitator of LEGO Serious Play and Creative Problem Solving. Evette loves stepping into the shoes of customers to understand the world through their eyes, minds and hearts and to discover the everyday problems they are facing.

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Book by Evette Cordy "Cultivating Curiosity" - Kelly Irving Book Coach
Cultivating Curiosity

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