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Monique Zytnik
Born in Adelaide, Australia, Monique originally trained as a physiotherapist. Her Bachelor of Physiotherapy was very scientific. But, it was when she started treating clients that she realised the importance of motivation and persuasion for getting results. This fascinated her and pivoted her career, completing a Postgraduate Diploma and later a Masters in Communication (PR) at RMIT University, Melbourne. She did her internship in Washington DC with a boutique public relations company. Since then, she worked in-house with healthcare, banking, broadcasting, mobile marketing and engineering companies. She also worked in Australian state and federal government departments and for a global internal communication consultancy. The smallest company had three people, the largest 600,000!

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Book by Monique Zytnik "Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" - Kelly Irving Book Coach
Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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