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The Courage to Lead

The Courage to Lead

Book by Allan Sicard "The Courage to Lead" - Kelly Irving Book Coach

In a world full of leaders who put their egos first, and crave power and the spotlight, here is a story about a leader who did exactly the opposite in the autocratic arena of policing. This is a story about Allan Sicard, a leader who empowered others to lead. Allan Sicard was a NSW Police Officer for 40 years and Police Commander for the last 15 years of that career. During this time, he was renowned for creating a workplace where people did their best working together in some of the most challenging crises Australia has ever seen including the Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011 and the first two hours of the Lindt Caf© Siege in 2014. This is a different book about leadership. Leadership where mistakes are made. Leadership where mistakes are learnt from. Over a period, Allan Sicard developed a leadership style that created a workplace and a community where people do their best because they know they are trusted, included, supported, and cared for.

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