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Sharee Johnson
Sharee is a registered psychologist, executive coach, facilitator, and meditation teacher. She is the founder of Coaching for Doctors, Australia's first coaching practice dedicated solely to doctor development. She has been working as a psychologist for nearly three decades, building a deep knowledge about enhancing human performance, wellbeing, and mental health. She has spent the past seven years in conversation with doctors, individually and in immersion groups, seeking to understand their experience of work and their goals for their futures and the future of the health system. She has taken to heart the findings that healthy providers of care achieve better health outcomes for patients and have more joy and satisfaction in their work.Sharee believes that by collectively raising our skills in emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, mindfulness and compassion, we will change the way we "do" healthcare for everyone's benefit. The coaching relationship is a place of confidential reflective thinking and experiences that facilitates creativity and growth. This process fosters insight, supports change, and identifies assumptions that may be limiting progress. Coaching with Sharee is about building personal capacity for improved performance, greater wellbeing, stronger relationships and more balance. As doctors develop their intra- and interpersonal skills, they naturally behave in ways that change how healthcare is delivered. Sharee is committed to helping doctors thrive for their own benefit and that of their patients. She initiated and co-designed the immersion doctor care program Recalibrate with doctors, to amplify her work with individual doctors, recognising that for people to truly thrive they need to connect with others and feel like they belong in a safe community.

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The Thriving Doctor

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