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How to overcome fear as an aspiring author

"Why would anyone read my book?"

As a book coach and editor, I've met hundreds, thousands even, of aspiring authors who doubt themselves, and ask this question on a daily basis.

In fact, I'm writing this because someone responded to my newsletter with a plea to know how to address it.

The thing is that every author starts their journey at this very place.

And, I know from experience, that part of the process is recognising that this kind of fear doesn’t EVER just magically disappear (as much as we would love it to!)

Here's a fun picture I use with my authors to help illustrate how they often feel.

Ask any author and they will say:

  1. Recognising you feel fear is the very first step to being an author
  2. Addressing it, or voicing it to someone else (often someone like me) comes next
  3. Stepping into that fear is the difference between someone who wants to be an author and someone who becomes an author.

One of my favourite quotes is from multiple author Steven Pressfield in The War of Art.

Feel the fear of no one caring... and then write your work because YOU care enough to do it.

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