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23 New Business Books You Should Read in 2023

I'd like to invite you to check out 23 of my favourite client books for 2023.

Will yours be next?

If something below takes your fancy and you buy a copy of any book below, let me know and I'll send you a copy of my Author Your Journey journal for FREE :-)

Dear Digital, We need to talk by Kristy Goodwin

To say Kristy was a delight to work with would be an understatement. Known as a "pracademic", she is the best balance of art and science; evidence and practice.

What I love most about this book is that she takes the conversation raised by Johann Hari's Stolen Focus to the next level, giving us practical tools and actions we can use to not digitally amputate our fingers, but learn to live and embrace the tech that's at our disposal in a healthy and productive way.

It's out now with Major Street Publishing and you'll absolutely love it and her!

Published through Major Street Publishing and my Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing

Stop Worrying about Money by Jacqui Clarke

When I worked with Jacqui on the pitch for this book, I summed her up as "the Australian rich-listers’ best kept secret". Yep, she's been the 2IC and trusted advisor to some of our wealthiest families. Plus, she’s personally navigated her way through difficult financial times: a divorce that left her broke, a complex blended family of five sons, a transition from a hugely successful corporate career to a private advisory business.

At a time when trust in financial advisors and services is at an all-time low (thanks Melissa Caddick, and the economic volatility), you need an accountant like Jacqui in your court to help you make your money work for you. She's the real deal!

Published through John Wiley and my Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing

Being True by Cassandra Goodman

This year we were pumped to have Cassie step up as an Alumni Mentor in the Expert Author Community. In the few years I've known her she has proved herself to be an absolute powerhouse when it comes to publishing.

This is her second book for busy, big-hearted leaders who want to feel more like themselves at work.

Being True offers a practical and timely evidence-based approach to turn down the volume on the voices in your head and embody a more vibrant expression of who you truly are. (Something I know every writer needs!)

Published through Hardie Grant Publishing and The Expert Author Community

Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life by Peter Scott

Oh my, where do I begin with this one. Peter Scott is probably the most humble man and leader I have ever met in my life. (And don't you just LOVE this cover?!)

With endorsements from Kim Beazley AC and Sir Peter Cosgrove AK AC (Mil) CVO MC (Retd), to name but a few. I hope you get the idea that this is one very special story and bloke.

Over a 34-year decorated career marked by both failure and success as a leader, Peter served in ten submarines across three Navies, passed the most demanding military command course in the world, known as ‘Perisher’, and served as the Head of Profession for the Navy’s elite; the Submarine Arm.

This is the remarkable, untold story of life as an Australian submariner - what we call the "Silent service" - don't miss it!

Published through Fremantle Press and The Expert Author Community

Beating Burnout, Finding Balance by Melo Calarco

Just when you think you've met one humble leader, then you meet another :-)

Melo really lives up to his name. He joined our Expert Author Community with an idea locked in and a submission date to hit 3 months later with his publisher. For a lot of people, that's enough to tip the balance and send them into a downward spiral.

But Melo lives what he teaches and so what you'll learn in this book are a powerful combination of practical tools and techniques, as well as engaging stories that beat burnout once and for all. From mountaintop monasteries to executive boardrooms, Beating Burnout, Finding Balance gives you the tools to achieve your goals and live more meaningfully and mindfully.

Published through John Wiley and The Expert Author Community

Dear Psychosis, by Sarah Martin

This is a story that will touch your heart and transform your mind. Sarah is a passionate storyteller and parent. This is a confronting, dramatic and no-holds-barred account of her family’s experience following their daughter's first-ever psychotic episode in Istanbul, and her later diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

I think the cover sums it up perfectly - though it was an in-depth discussion of debate in the Expert Author Community for a while! A nurse by day, Sarah is on a mission to transform the stigma around mental health - so much so that when she had a chance meeting with Professor Gordon Parker AO, Founder of the Black Dog Institute, on a golf course, she stayed in touch and he provided an endorsement!

If you have something important to say on a topic, then you should say it - Sarah epitomises that.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

How to Listen by Oscar Trimboli

I have learned and improved my listening skills so much since I've been working with Oscar over the last 6 years.

This is the second book I have been absolutely thrilled to work on with him and it is everything I had hoped for and more - put together beautifully by the team at Page Two in Canada.

I invite you all to dig in and unlearn everything you "think" you know about listening. This book will change how you communicate and show up in the world.

Published by Page Two and my Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing

Up Yours! by Mark Butler

Mark is a mental health specialist with over 14 years’ clinical psychotherapy experience - but best of all, he's an absolute gem of a human being with a cracking sense of humour.

He's been helping leaders and organisations tackle issues like depression and anxiety in the workplace. And I think he sums up his book best:

You don’t need another self-help book full of pious finger-wagging. Life is tough enough without someone bright and shiny piling on the guilt.

But if you’re in a post-pandemic slump, bordering on burnout and wondering why you should even bother, Up Yours! is the book for you.


Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Upgrade by Ella Zhang

What we think, feel and do has impacts and consequences that affect ourselves, the people around us, and even people we have never met and will never meet. Even when it is not our conscious intention to create this far-reaching impact, our thoughts and actions inevitably create a chain of events that sends our influence out into the universe.

So Ella's work, and this book, is about how you can intervene in this chain of events and take back control of the impact you want to make. When your inner operating systems are properly upgraded, you create a solid foundation to build and develop more advanced management and leadership skills.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Applied Creativity by Christopher Sellers

If you haven't yet met Chris, where have you been? He's passionate and contrarian and I think that's a rare skill these days to have - to be someone who can push and challenge you to succeed, in a way that might be considered differently, a little more creatively.

In this book, Chris introduces his Six Creative Skill Sets and how it's the key to drive innovation and creative outcomes. And I can personally say I've learned a hell of a lot from Chris while he's been in the Expert Author Community.

Best of all, his creativity extends to his content on LinkedIn - you'll absolutely love this hilarious video he created about the path to publishing - his very own hero's journey. See if you can guess which part I play...

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

From Ignored to Adored by Shani Taylor

Hands up if you love social media? (I'm guessing not many hands went up)

Well, maybe you need Shani in your life. Yes, she'll help you with client attraction and content marketing strategies, but she'll really press you to dig deep into the message you are taking to market, and how you're connecting with your audience.

If you feel like no one is listening to you, then Shani would say they probably aren't!

The people you’re trying to turn into clients have an attention span of 1.8 seconds and are rapidly scrolling through their newsfeeds. With Shani's help in this book, she'll transform the way you're communicating about yourself, about "me", and get you to start communicating from "we".  

Published through Grammar Factory and The Expert Author Community

Business by Design by Chris Green

Chris is an is an entrepreneurial strategist with more than 20 years of experience working with SME owners to grow their businesses.

His book is a road map to design a business that is rewarding and impactful, and it's got a great niche, specifically in helping family-based and rural businesses.

Chris is a delight not just to work with, but also to read. He provides real-life case studies that will help you learn how to grow your team and develop remarkable habits and strategies.

Published through Grammar Factory and my Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Sessions

Growing with Gratitude by Ash Manuel

From a young age we learn that society values performance, productivity and success, yet, part of the process is being resilient enough to weather the ups and downs, the setbacks and failures, when things don't go according to our plan.

So if you are an educator, parent or someone hellbent on creating better outcomes for our kids, then please check out his work.

Ash is the founder (and now author) of Growing with Gratitude, a wellbeing program that teaches people in schools, organisations and workplaces the happiness and resilience skills needed to build and protect their mental wellbeing.

Published through John Wiley and my Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing

What Makes a Great Coach? by Emma Doyle with Natalie Ashdown

This book is based on ridiculously extensive research from the world’s leading tennis, sport, and business coaches.

The stories are rich and full of experience you won't read anywhere else. Plus, I love their collaborative coaching nature: Emma as a top tennis coach, with Natalie and her ability to coach Emma through this process and draw our lessons and learnings.

If you're a leader, a tennis coach, a book coach, or even a parent, then I encourage you to take a look at this fantastic resource!

Self-published my Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Sessions

537 Days of Winter by David Knoff

The coolest book I've worked on (pardon the pun).

This is a leadership story that will excite, delight and go down in history...

It is a fascinating account of David as an Antarctic expedition leader, stranded in the coldest place on Earth with his team as the rest of the world is dealing with Covid-19.

His story is totally unique: a routine mission that becomes a high-pressure cooker of challenges. One that will make you laugh, and cry.

Published through Affirm Press and my Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing

Believe by Brenda James

As a leadership and career development coach, Brenda has built a business around belief. Her mission is to help others discover their purpose and reach their full potential, in whatever they choose to do.

So in her book, Believe, Brenda provides a guide how to overcome niggling thoughts like self-doubt and learn to build self-belief.

She is the real deal! And we are absolutely blessed to have her as an Alumni Mentor this year in the Expert Author Community.

Self-published through Grammar Factory and The Expert Author Community

The Mentally Fit Leader by Julie Rowse

"YOU are your most important asset."

If you are a leader who's currently feeling drained and stressed, it's about time to prioritise yourself and your mental health.

Julie's book is a wonderful guide that help leaders regain balance in their lives, perform better and live happier.

It provides practical tools and strategies to manage the stressors that keep you from thriving.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Fully Connected by Mel Kettle

Mel is a role model to so many leaders, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself first and foremost.

She's been sharing her advice and stories - some of which make the cut in the book - in her newsletter and blogs for a while now. And it’s this content, and your personal responses that are what inspired this book.

This book is an amazing guide for leaders to help them prioritise their own health just as much as their team's.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Becoming AntiFragile by Paige Williams

Nassim Taleb's book Antifragile was a gamechanger in the industry, and it's incredibly pertinent right now. But the problem for many people has been actually reading and digesting this book (love the concepts, but freaking complex...)

Enter Paige Williams. Paige has added to the depth of Taleb's work by taking his core concepts and expanding and simplifying them to apply to practical real-world examples for individuals. So if you're feeling any uncertainty with what will happen at work, in the economy or your day-to-day then this book will bring you confidence.

This is a re-release and re-launch of her first book.

Self-published through Grammar Factory and The Expert Author Community

Own It! by Paige Williams

Team meetings here and there but no progress? Tired and overwhelmed with too many commitments? Accountability issues?

If the answer is yes and you experience the things above, then this second book by Paige is perfect.

Own It! is a great guide about dissolving the culture of blame and managing impossible expectations within an organisation. Full of tips and inspiring insights for every team who wants to feel renewed and perform better.

Self-published through Grammar Factory and The Expert Author Community

Who Makes A Leader, Not What by Robert Andersson

Robert is a rare human being with an impossible amount of positivity. He is an absolute delight and joy to work with and I couldn't be happier that he is one of our Alumni Mentors this year.

What I love most about this book is Robert's approach to leadership - it's not about WHAT you achieve, but it's WHO you are. He calls that 'internal leadership'.

In this book, he share insights, practical tips and tools how to unleash the best leader within you. All while sharing (you guessed it) positive stories and outcomes that will enrich your life, not drain it.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

The Courage to Lead by Allan Sicard

People like Allan make my work a joy. He was the Police Commander for NSW for 15 years, and worked on cases such as the Mossman Collar Bomb, Lindt Cafe Siege and many more high-stakes scenarios.

He epitomises courageous leadership and his book The Courage to Lead is due out in the next few months. He began a podcast of the same name to help boost his platform ready for launch and its already amassing hundreds of listens everyday.

Don't miss his book!

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Lead Smart by Dermot Crowley

This is the third book I've had the pleasure of working on with Dermot, and it wraps up his productivity trilogy.

What if you are indeed a leader, but are simply too busy to lead effectively?

The simple truth is that leaders are often too busy to have the impact that they need to have. But at a senior leadership level, we need to become less busy, and shift our focus and mindsets from activity to impact.

We need to focus our time, energy and attention on the few things that really matter and empower our teams to execute on the right priorities with our direction. This book centres on this.

Published by John Wiley through Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing.

Please order one of these books before midnight tonight, and I will send you a free copy of my Author Your Journey journal to help kick-start your writing journey this year.

Kelly x

Thanks for reading :-) I’m Kelly Irving. As a bestselling-book coach and editor, publishing strategist, and creator of The Expert Author Community I nurture authors to produce work that matters and makes a transformational impact in their lives and others. My work results in industry book awards and major publisher deals (I’ve never had a book pitch rejected), and transforms businesses from 6 to 7-figure turnovers.


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