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What’s a book coach, and why might you need one? Q&A with Kelly Irving

When I first started out in publishing, I had no idea what a book coach was, let alone that I was one!

Back then, I was known as an “editor” (which technically I still am by the way), but that meant I would get authors coming to me with their manuscripts painstakingly written, expecting they were ready for a bit of a “light touch” on their words.

Oh my, did that open up a can of worms!
Like any house, building, or strategic piece of work, there must be a solid foundation first, BEFORE we can address the craft of writing.

So bit by bit, I developed a process to help every author systematically step through the stages of a book from getting a book out of their head and onto the page, and laying the foundation to write, edit, market and publish their work.

Now there are hundreds of “book coaches” out there, all over the world - many of whom I love connecting and collaborating with!

But does that mean it’s any easier for an author to understand what we do or how we can help?

I’d say not!

And some would-be-writers still don’t know we exist at all!

So I’m really pleased to share this Q/A with you, from my very good friends and colleagues at Major Street Publishing, to help you understand a little more about book coaches and the industry we operate in.

Could a book coach be what you need to start or finish that book of yours?


Book in a session with an experienced book coach today and ensure your writing journey is on the right path.


The 5-Step Structure

to Write Anything

Kelly Irving

I’m an editor and writing coach with a love for deep-diving into brains and businesses. Through my one-to-one work and online program, I provide an action-by-action process that speeds up the time it takes to produce your best book, and turns overwhelm and self-doubt into momentum and excitement for writing.

The 5-Step Structure To Write Absolutely Anything by Book Coach Kelly Irving

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