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Optimise your book's Bliss Point with beta readers

There's a reason why food companies spend a lot of time and money on customer research, and particularly, taste testing.

Mainly, they want consumers to eat their food and have it hit their bliss spot, with no issues or incongruence, so they'll come back for more (and recommend it to their friends).

These focus groups are essential to test the product, and get them right for the audience before they get released to the public - and this is exactly why you need your own focus group, called beta readers, for your book.

In a nutshell, beta readers are your first readers, and your fact checkers.

They help you find the problems in your book and fix them BEFORE you hit publish. (And I don't just mean typos!)

A beta reader is someone who is part of your exact target audience - the very people you're writing your book for.

Before you approach your beta readers, you do a lot of revision on your idea first with a professional editor**, to make sure your book idea is solid. **Here's how I do that with authors

Once ready, it's important NOT to "spray and prey" and send your manuscript to everyone asking for "feedback". (As my client Oscar Trimboli always says, 'All feedback is valid, but not all of it is useful.')

This is why we spend time mapping out the right way to approach beta readers in The Expert Author Academy.

Dr Verena Voelter, author of 'It Takes Five To Tango'. did an outstanding job gathering input from her beta readers, which she shares with you here.

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