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What is a Book Coach? A Mentor, Partner, and Motivator

If you ask yourself “What is a book coach?”, you might come up with a simple but accurate definition. In brief, book coaches support and guide authors through the writing and publishing processes.

But there’s so much more to book coaching than that basic idea. Keep reading to learn how book coaches educate, nurture, and empower their clients, positioning them to get their books published.

What Makes Book Coaches so Valuable?

If you decided to write a book, would you know where or how to start the process?

Books as a finished product are pretty straightforward. The author, their coach, editor, proofreader, typographer, and many others work together. The result is an organized, error-free, and engaging final product.

All you have to do is pick the book up, or load it on your e-reader, and open it.

The work needed to get a book to this point is incredibly complex. The writing process in and of itself is a demanding creative endeavour. Add in pitching to the publishing industry, working with an editor, and all of the other related tasks. It quickly becomes clear how involved creating and distributing a book can be.

Book coaches help their clients navigate the many twists and turns of writing and publishing to achieve their writing goals. That’s what makes them so valuable: they work as author accelerators.

What Book Coaches Can Do: From Development to Publishing

A great book coach will have the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Offer objective and critical feedback when coaching clients
  • Explain complex concepts related to writing and publishing (sometimes serving as book publishing coaches)
  • Share their expertise and provide relevant, actionable advice during coaching sessions
  • Establish accountability around progress and deadlines without becoming adversarial
  • Offer emotional support for new and experienced authors alike
  • Consult on specific parts of the writing and publishing processes, like manuscript assessment and book proposal and pitch development

Book Riot called book coaches shepherds. They develop an understanding of their client’s strengths and weaknesses while supporting their ultimate goal. The ability of a writing coach to tailor their efforts to their client's individual circumstances is crucial for success. Make sure you find a coach who can do precisely that.

Dependable book coaches will also define and differentiate their services. That makes it easier for you to choose the type of coaching that’s most relevant to your needs. Practically speaking, defining services also helps a coach to set book coach rates and organize their own efforts.

While book coaching is crucial for navigating complicated writing and publishing workflows, finding a coach doesn’t have to be. I’ve helped authors like you organize their thoughts, define their value, complete their manuscripts, and publish their works. 

Hire a book coach today and become an expert author.


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Kelly Irving

I’m an editor and writing coach with a love for deep-diving into brains and businesses. Through my one-to-one work and online program, I provide an action-by-action process that speeds up the time it takes to produce your best book, and turns overwhelm and self-doubt into momentum and excitement for writing.

The 5-Step Structure To Write Absolutely Anything by Book Coach Kelly Irving

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