Image of Kelly Irving and Kate Mason with her book Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House?

Which personality types make the best book authors?

When I first started, these people will come to me with a manuscript and I say,

"Look...if you want your words in your language fixed up, I'm not the editor for you because I can see what's in here and there's so much more potential in here. If we get backtracked a bit and figure it out some of these things first then we can create such a much better product."

So nobody consequently went away, but what happens is people might spend months - years even - working on this manuscript and then come to me and I'm saying we need to backtrack.

So which personality types make the best book authors?

(And I don't just mean a crazy one :-)

Are there particular personalities or personality traits that facilitate a faster, more fruitful book writing process?

Do you "fluff around like a butterfly" (Like Kate shares in this podcast) or can you focus for long periods of time, in flow (like me)?

Find out in this fun conversation I had with author Kate Mason.

Kate and I worked together on her book 'Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House?', which was published in June 2021.

As a Myers-Briggs coach, Kate's an expert on getting the best out of people and personalities, especially when it comes to parenting.

We chat about:

  • my personal type (INSP) and how I use it to work with authors
  • how I book coach others based on their own personality type
  • how to lean into your strengths and improve your weaknesses to address "analysis paralysis" and other blocks
  • how I organise my work to maximise focus and productivity (and how you can too)
  • how I work with - and often around - my husband and two young children to facilitate a happy work-home life.

We go deep into me as a person, parent and coach.
And chat about how Kate birthed her book baby, so you can also birth yours.



Finally, if you've ever worked with me or seen me in action, I'd love to know, does my personality type marry up to me? (Listen to Kate's description at the 3 minute mark)


P.S - If you haven't yet filled out the Writer Type personality quiz that Kate and I discuss then you can do that here.


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