Image of confidence expert and The Power of Real Confidence author Michelle Sales in an interview

The power of real confidence and how to use it during the writing process

Michelle Sales is passionate about helping people tap into their true potential – in life, as well as work.

As a speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach, she has helped thousands of senior leaders and their teams, learn to show up as the best version of themselves, to build confidence, influence and maximise their leadership and performance.

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on her book The Power of Real Confidence, published by Major Street Publishing in August 2018.


Watch now and learn:

  • Why ‘I don’t have time to write a book’ is an excuse due to lack of confidence

  • How to deal with the pressure around writing your first book

  • How identifying and leveraging your strengths can help you get over the fear of writing and create a system that works for you

  • Why the biggest myth about confidence is that you either have it or you don’t

  • What to do when you are ready to ‘throw your fucking computer out of the window’ while writing

  • Why your personality and the way you work is the key to finishing a book

  • How to create a feedback loop with your client to test your content for the book

  • How writing a book improves your business, messaging and everything you do

After you have watched this, Michelle and I would love to know:

  1. What is the biggest insight for you?

  2. What action will you take to implement that into your own life today?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and comments on the Kelly Irving Facebook Page.

Kelly Irving

I’m an editor and writing coach with a love for deep-diving into brains and businesses. Through my one-to-one work and online program, I provide an action-by-action process that speeds up the time it takes to produce your best book, and turns overwhelm and self-doubt into momentum and excitement for writing.


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The 5-Step Structure To Write Absolutely Anything by Book Coach Kelly Irving

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