Book covers of 22 different business books

22 New Business Books You Should Read in 2022

I'd like to invite you to check out 22 of my favourite books for 2022.

Disclaimer: they are all new clients books published recently or over the last 12 months.

I wholeheartedly recommend them because I know the authors personally, truly believe in them and their work, and I know how much went into creating these stories for you, their readers.

If something below takes your fancy and you buy a copy of any book below, let me know and I'll send you a copy of my Author Your Journey journal for FREE :-)

Level Up by Maree Burgess

Maree is a rare human with a beautiful soul and an energy to boot.

I love how she focuses on working on the "small things" in order to accomplish great things and succeed. Something that is very pertinent to now!

So if you're a mid-level level manager stuck on the cycle of busy, or even a bit of a control freak (yes, that's you!) then it's time to start leading at the right level.

This is a wonderful guide for leaders who want step up and meet all the demands on their work (without impacting their health or life).

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Go for Bold by Rosie Yeo

Don't you just love this cover? I can promise you the content is just as good :-)

The thing I love about this book is actually the story behind it. Rosie had originally written a different book; it had a completely different angle and focus.

After a one-on-one session with me, she worked out she was trying to do too many things and actually what was buried in the manuscript was an idea than was even BOLDER.

By putting herself out there, pushing herself and reassessing her strategic intentions, she came up with this - a guide for leaders looking to maximise their organisations's potential, design bold plans and succeed.

The result? Her BOLD idea was picked up by a publisher. That is a win-win.

Published by Major Street Publishing through The Expert Author Community

The Expert Author Community

Trusted to Thrive by Marie-Claire Ross

I absolutely love it when people come to me, determined to give this "book thing" their best shot. A second time author, Marie-Claire was hell-bent on getting some good advice to make sure her book fulfilled it's promise to her readers.

The result? Trusted to Thrive. If you need to put the energy back into your team's work, inspire them to solve complex problems and collaborate well then you need to create an environment to where people can take risks and speak up.

One thing I love about Marie-Claire's writing is it's personal and packed full of easily relatable stories and analogies - I know you'll love this too.

Self-published through my Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Sessions.

Augment It by Mehdi Nourbakhsh

Mehdi is probably one of my most diligent *students*! His passion for how we use artificial intelligence "for good" is pretty contagious, and I must say I've had a whole lot of fun coaching him through his first book.

Over the past several decades, technology has helped the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry to gain efficiency and become more productive. Yet AI is still one of the most under-utilised technologies and it's mainly because we don't fully understand it, or how to leverage it successfully.

Mehdi spent a great deal of time talking to leaders in the industry and compiling case stories and examples to showcase exactly what AI is and how it can be used to remove inefficient workflows, empower teams to become creative, and improve bottom-line results.

I love how niche this book is - it really solves a very specific problem.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Becoming a Leader of Leaders By Ian Lees

After a rocky year (I'm sure you can relate), I am personally so pleased to see this book out there.

Ian has such a generous heart, and his dedication to his clients and the people he serves really shines in this book.

If you've just got your first big leadership role, and it feels like you're on a sinking ship, then you need Ian's ideas and practices. They have helped people move from professional and team leader roles to doing big leadership jobs without burning out and sacrificing the other important parts of their lives.

This book is dedicated to and inspired by his beautiful daughter Katie who always put herself out there, and lead life to the full.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Take the Robot Out of the Human by Julian Boram

Artificial intelligence (AI), the GIG economy and global events like Covid are all changing the shape of businesses around the globe.

Many of us struggle to shift from older (analogue) business models and antiquated processes to keep up with ever increasing customer expectations set by agile businesses like Netflix, Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, Uber and Tesla.

So how do you digitally evolve, stay relevant AND capitalise on this tsunami of changes?

The key is to develop what Julian calls continuous learning skills that keep abreast of changing technology and uphold a relevant workforce. If you're tasked with shaping a future workforce then this book is for you.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

A Fraction Stronger by Mark Berridge

This one was really hard to write up because it's just so hard to encapsulate the transformation that this book not only promises and shows, but also that I have personally seen Mark go through in writing this.

He started with a seed of an idea and went on to pitch it and get it picked up by the fab team at Major Street Publishing - that's finding opportunity in an impossible moment right there!

This is Mark's very personal story about a life-changing bicycle accident, which left him in hospital for weeks and in intensive rehabilitation for months. This experience didn't only affect Mark's body, but mostly his mind and particularly his identity.

But there is something in his story for all of us because we have all had dark moments, and faced places that feel impossible to emerge from. As he says: "It's not about the fall - it's about how you choose to get up." That's what becoming a fraction stronger is about.

Published by Major Street Publishing through The Expert Author Community

Resilience Recipes by Fleur Heazlewood

This is a timely read given the past year; something to set you up for what's next.

How do you take care of your wellbeing amidst stress and challenges?

Fleur's strategies are both healthy and helpful if you want to start building emotional resilience and find a sense of balance in your life. (Um, who doesn't?!)

What's really wonderful about this book is that while there is no one-size fits all solution to wellbeing, Fleur assures that there is a resilience recipe that will work for you. There's actually a wellbeing self-assessment that can help you figure out where you are at now and what's important to you to move forward.

Published by Major Street Publishing through The Expert Author Community

The Thriving Doctor by Sharee Johnson

Sharee is a kind and generous human (and now author) and she poured a lot of heart and soul into this book. That's kind of ironic because this book is for the people who tirelessly look after us!

It's packed with valuable insights for doctors to thrive without sacrificing their own wellbeing. It's an emphasis on softer skills, not the clinical ones, like communication, emotional regulation and compassion, which can ultimately positively impact patient outcomes.

Buy a copy and gift it to your doctor! (Seriously)

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Service Habits: 2nd Edition by Jaquie Scammell

The customer service industry was so deeply impacted by Covid-19 that Jaquie has updated and relaunched the content of this book in line with specific strategies and challenges to help those in service to strengthen their relationships.

What actions and behaviours do you have that are limiting your effectiveness as a service leader? And what ones can you adopt to leverage your impact on your team and the people you serve?

Service is not complex or confusing but at its heart, very simple. This book shows how the small habits in service can create outstanding and impactful results in a very demanding world.

Published by Major Street Publishing through Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing.

The 1 Day Refund by Donna McGeorge

The 1 Day Refund is the third book in Donna's productivity series published by John Wiley, and I reckon her best yet. That's a tough call because The 25-Minute Meeting and The First 2 Hours contain strategies and tools I still refer to and adhere to when I work.

So, what's all the fuss?

Well, what you would do with an extra day in your week? Read a book, swim, surf, go to the day spa, ride your bike, think, do nothing?

In this book, Donna shows us how you can actually achieve that by building in 15% space so that you're not operating at 100% capacity (or even more) all of the time. In the end, you're not overworked, overwhelmed and was able to protect your valuable time. This makes it practical, not just a pipe dream!

Published by John Wiley through The Expert Author Community

Lost and Found by Paul Watkins

A self-confessed ordinary, nerdy, father of two from an Aussie country town tackling one of the toughest races on the planet. (Not just once, but twice.. but you'll have to read the book to find out why..)

This story has shades of journalist Scott Carney's What Doesn't Kill Us, which challenges our love and need for comfort and how this actually works against us.

Paul's story is raw, gripping and humble. It will make you want to throw away your puffer jacket, turn off the air con, get outside and do something - anything - that you haven't tried before.

Peter Baines's (OAM) summed it up nicely when he said "This should be compulsory reading for those wanting to understand themselves and how to break through self imposed limitations..."

Published through my Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Sessions.

It Takes Five to Tango by Verena Voelter

Everyone knows there are flaws in our healthcare system that need to be addressed, but COVID has brought this conversation to the surface - and would you believe, some solutions!

In this book, Verena shares her learnings and lessons from all 5 perspectives of the jigsaw puzzle: patients, providers, pharma, payers and policymakers.

This is not a book of blame or finger pointing, but one that shows how all 5 can come together to move the needle on healthcare.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Survivor by Mark Wales

This is a memoir by entrepreneur, ex-SAS team commander and reality TV show survivor Mark Wales. It is the gripping and raw story of life in and out of the SAS and the very personal struggles he faced.

But it also has a lot of warmth, kindness and humour in it. And there are stories that everyone can relate to because at its heart is a story of transformation and how we find meaning in life in every failure.

If you're curious about the war in Afghanistan, the Royal Commission and/or the issue with veteran suicide then please read this book - it's eye opening to say the least.

Published by Pan Macmillan through Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing.

Business Simulated by Michael Schlosser

Your organisation's success depends on good decision making.

But every work environment is unpredictable and you never really know what kinds of problems may arise in the future. ENTER: Business Simulations.

Business simulations allow us to translate real-world business challenges into a gripping experience, where learners can engage with strategy and seek answers for themselves. Rather than telling people what to do, we get to create interactive experiences that allow people to draw their own conclusions. This book is an opportunity to help your team create winning solutions AND enjoy the process along the way.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

The Health Hazard by Alison Coughlan

“The ultimate irony of our compassionate practice is that we often fail to give the same compassion to ourselves.” - Alison Coughlan

According to recent research, people in the health and social sectors are experiencing burnout and mental stress like never before. This has been heightened since the impact of Covid-19, which has compromised the wellbeing of those in service.

Here, Alison shares important lessons from her own journey and presents a resource to help restore your energy and still create positive change. This book is a great reminder that in order to make impact, you must value yourself first and foremost.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

Magnetic Stories by Gabrielle Dolan

If you're wondering "what can you possibly say about storytelling that you haven't done in 5 books already?" then that's exactly why you should read Ral's 6th book (she's my longest-standing client).

Sharing stories about yourself or your brand might well be the next best thing now, but are you doing it to your best advantage? The stories in this book are ones you've likely never heard before - like the origins of the Barbie doll, which may actually make you change your opinion of it!

Published March 2021, by John Wiley through Private Book Pitching, Coaching and Editing.

Thriving in the Fight by Denise Padín Collazo

Social change often feels like an uphill struggle, and can be emotionally and physically draining.

Activist Denise Collazo knows this struggle all too well. So she provides her own experience and victories, and those of other Latina activists in this book.

It's an enlightening read with inspirational advice to help Latinas overcome any leadership challenge. And I'm super pumped to report Denise's work and this book has been recently recognised by winning 3 international book awards.

Published February 2021, by Penguin / Berrett-Koehler The Expert Author Community

Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) in My House? by Kate Mason

Kate is one of those humans that you meet and just love from the get-go. Maybe, partly, because she gets how hard it is to be a parent, and a partner!

That's why her new book is so invaluable for those times when you're like: "what on earth is going on?", "why don't they just do what I want?", "am I on a different planet?"

This is a wonderful guide based on Myers-Briggs that will help you work out what your 8-,18- or 80-year old is driven by and how best to manage their emotions.

Something we all really need when we're put to the test of homeschooling and continuous lockdowns!

Self-published through my Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Sessions.

Lead Conversations that Count by Carolyn Ellis

How do you make every team conversation meaningful, insightful, and enjoyable? How can you be a good meeting leader whether online or in person?

This is what Expert Author, Canada-based member Carolyn Ellis tackles in her new book Lead Conversations that Count. Carolyn's insights book are timely and very useful, especially as we're all now pretty much meeting remotely.

So, this book provides tips, frameworks, and a 5-step process how to host an effective meeting without losing the fun! (I think that's very important!)

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

HR for Impact by Ilona Charles

Stick your hand up if you think that HR is a bit of a joke? Seriously, you're not alone, which is exactly the reason for this book.

Often, we think that a company's success solely depends on the CEO and their employees, and that HR kinda gets in the way. But remember the success of an organisation relies on PEOPLE, and that is exactly what the Human Resources department is about!

Ilona is a very successful and respected Human Resources executive, who provides practical advice on how you can thrive as a HR leader and significantly impact business outcomes. It provides a realistic approach how to understand your business better, build relationships and make the most out of your expertise.

Self-published through The Expert Author Community

The Art of Relationship Selling by Andrew Nisbet

Why do we win some sales and not others? How do we deal with objections, or even worse, rejections?

The technology-based, fast-paced world cause many of us to fall into the transactional-selling trap. Customers tune out if we're wasting their time and not providing value. As a result, salespeople become disillusioned with their profession and seek quick fixes impersonal tactics to win them back.

But the key to all strong relationships is trust. This book is the culmination of Andrew's extensive 40-year career doing what he does best - building that trust. And anyone in any kind of business will benefit from his experience. (I know I did!)

Self-published through my Manuscript Assessment and Strategy Sessions.

Please order one of these books before midnight tonight, and I will send you a free copy of my Author Your Journey journal to help kick-start your writing journey this year.

Kelly x

Thanks for reading :-) I’m Kelly Irving. As a bestselling-book coach and editor, publishing strategist, and creator of The Expert Author Community I nurture authors to produce work that matters and makes a transformational impact in their lives and others. My work results in industry book awards and major publisher deals (I’ve never had a book pitch rejected), and transforms businesses from 6 to 7-figure turnovers.


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