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A 6 Step Guide on How to Write a Book

I talk to aspiring authors ALL of the time about the deep-down knowing that they have a great book inside them, but yet, they never quite take the action that’s needed to make it happen.

Here’s my thought: You have a dream. A goal. The fact that you were able to imagine this goal means that you can also create it.

You just need to put yourself into DO-IT mode. 

With a few clear and tangible actions, you can make amazing progress. (I know, because I see it with my clients time and time again!)

So if you’re looking for an answer if anyone can write and get a book done, the answer is YES!

Logical structure and system when writing a book

Structure is one of The. Most. Valuable. skills to learn when you're communicating with others in writing. 

Numerous - and often, competing - ideas mean we usually try and jam absolutely everything we know in, just in case one of them lands with the reader. This results in a maze of content that the reader can sift through or logically understand.

It's largely a myth that good writers (great writers, even) just sit down and bang out a book in a matter of days.

When I was a journalist I turned myself into a pretzel trying to write the perfect article straight off the bat and as a result all it did was add to my anxiety and writer's block.

It wasn't until I started spending time mapping out a plan for my writing FIRST and using a logical structure and system to follow that things really turned around.

Seek qualified book writing advice

So many authors work inside a vacuum without qualified feedback and support. 

When I started surfing last 2021,  one thing I’ve learned (which I hope will help you start whatever you’re sitting on the sidelines about) is how it’s important to seek experts and professionals. 

I made the classic mistake and bought a completely inappropriate, too short, board based on advice from a surfer. After quite a few wipe outs, it was a kick up the arse to go to someone who not only sold boards for a living but genuinely cared and asked me questions like where I would be surfing, and what I was looking to get out of the experience. 

Just like in writing a book, everyone has an opinion, but someone TRUSTWORTHY adds so much unseen value. 

You get the right book writing teacher for YOU

You only know what you know, so really what you should look for is an outside, professional perspective on your work, on your writing. 

Throwback to when my husband tried to give me surfing lessons. (There are so many parallels in surfing for writing a book!) It caused arguments because we were both seeking completely different outcomes. I wanted fun in the water and experience of reading conditions etc, he wanted me to get up, catch a wave and surf it ASAP. My husband was not the right teacher for me (and yours is likely wrong for you!) Make sure you and your teacher are aligned. 

Many aspiring authors turn to book coaches for many reasons – for critical and objective feedback, publishing industry expertise and advice, emotional support during what can be an incredibly lonely and uncertain time, and of course, accountability to make sure deadlines are reached (and NOT repeatedly extended).

You know what’s your BIG SO WHAT

There is one thing I know that I have seen in common with every writer and that is editing is hard and writing feels slow going. You’re not sure if what you’re doing is any good, and you’re only just starting and the top of the volcano seems like a frigging long way off. 

If all that happens, there is ONE thing you have to keep coming back to time and time again on this journey. It is your BIG SO WHAT (what Simon Dowling calls). It is why you started it in the first place. 

Once the love goes, the motivation dies and people can sense that in your writing. They feel when you’re bored; They feel when you’re just trying to get up to the word count and you’re rushing in an extra story or two. 

This is WHY you need to keep coming back to your WHY.

You overcome your fears

Learn to overcome your fears. Every author started where you might be right now: insecure, unsure and afraid. That’s why about 97% of the population never actually finish writing their book!

They give in to: 

“I’m not a good writer.”

“I don’t have anything value to contribute.”

“Everyone else has already said what I want to say.”

“No one will care or read my work.”

To get into the 3% then recognise these doubts are very normal - and write your book anyway! Don’t let them beat you.

The only difference right now between a published author and you is that they felt these fears and wrote their book anyway.

You have focus friends

Who has your back when you're learning something new? Who keeps you accountable? Or is willing to get up at the crack of dawn to have a crack or share the load?

I reckon this is integral to success, whether you're learning to surf, play guitar, or write a book.

I've seen people in the Expert Author Academy not just progress way faster together, but also have more fun! And fun is really the key to learning and keeping practicing.

In my experience, we are our own worst enemy, and overcompensate or over complicate our feelings looking for quick fixes: e.g. the latest productivity hack or app that promises to bring your sunshine when you hit a certain "goal".

Instead, connect with one or two likeminded individuals, to share your fears, and turn off ALL distractions during the time you're with them.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact and become an author today!


The 5-Step Structure

to Write Anything

Kelly Irving

I’m an editor and writing coach with a love for deep-diving into brains and businesses. Through my one-to-one work and online program, I provide an action-by-action process that speeds up the time it takes to produce your best book, and turns overwhelm and self-doubt into momentum and excitement for writing.

The 5-Step Structure To Write Absolutely Anything by Book Coach Kelly Irving

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