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mostly D’s


• Content  

• Ideas  

• Reasoning

You are emotional, connected and in tune with yourself. You often do things on your intuition, but second guess yourself if it doesn’t match up to what your logic is saying.
You may struggle with confidence (and sometimes not recognise or admit that this is the issue), which can lead to becoming a bit of a control freak. If you haven’t poured over every single little detail, overanalysed it to death, then to you it’s not been well thought out – you tend to be your own worst critic. You are a black belt at assessing every word, sentence, phrase, idea or model. Even when it’s finally out and on the page, you critique it until you’ve completely picked it apart.
While this means the depth of your thinking is extraordinary and has potential to hit people in such an impactful way, the thinking is often lost and wasted. You’ll overcomplicate things and your audience will tune out and off really quickly.
Working in this way is also really ineffective - you’ll spread yourself too thin, struggle to really say what you want to say, focus way too much on the detail, and often fail or struggle to even start writing. So when you start flailing, it’s really hard to pick up the pieces and get back onboard.

what to do?

Deep thinkers need to become storytellers  – stop overanalysing  and start writing – act instead of think.



Embrace that nothing is perfect and just write. Get off the computer and grab a pen and paper. Just be in the moment with yourself, your voice, the real you. Write like you don’t care or you’re having a conversation with a trusted friend. Accept you don’t have a model or formula for everything.
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