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mostly B’s


• Passion  

• Ideas  

• Energy  

Your creativity and original thinking is deeply admired by everyone around you. You have the ability to inspire and lead others with your content and ideas like no one else – if only you could keep these messages simple and communicate them well.
Your brain is always thinking, from one idea to the next.  So while you love the big-picture stuff, you are not so  hung up on the detail. This means your thoughts can  be scatty, which translates to disjointed writing and  ideas. It’s hard to connect with what you’re saying because you’re jumping all over the place like it’s a  game of idea hopscotch.
This is a real shame because you have personality plus with bags of energy and drive. You’re willing to push the formula for great writing and make it extraordinary, but you must learn to pin down your main idea and a consistent message so that you have the impact that  you so rightly deserve.
You’re committed to the task at hand – as long as your curiosity doesn’t get the better of you. It’s easy to get distracted by other ideas, work, tasks or projects that could suddenly take priority over your writing. So it’s important you have a schedule that you stick to and accountability to keep you on track.
A quadrant model that shows the 4 types of writers by Book Coach Kelly Irving

what to do?

Entrepreneurs need to become more like masterminds. Think about logic, commitment and integrated idea flow.



Trim the fat – pick two or three of your key messages and flesh them out in more detail. Introduce what each point is, why it’s important and how you actually implement it. Instead of skimming over points or just writing random idea bombs.
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