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• Engagement  

• Story  

• Connection

You’re someone who loves to talk and connect with people. You’re pour your heart and soul into everything you do, say and write and have an awesome ability to use your experiences to engage others. You’re passionate, warm, believable and fully committed to the task at hand. You’re focused, decisive, daring, relentless in your pursuit of putting out the best thinking you can.
You’re often in the moment, you act first think later, which means you often write exactly how you talk. You’ll find it hard to get out the words quick enough as your mind is processing all the great stories you have or ideas in which to express yourself. It has some sort of logical flow but it’s far from cohesive and tight. The ideas are padded out with way too many words or different ways of describing similar things.
While on the one hand this is great in terms how well you can engage your audience, it also means that you charge full steam ahead into writing, often telling everything and anything to get your point across. It’s hard to keep up with you – hard to keep track of your thoughts and this can mean giving away everything to your audience too soon. Your energy and passion are intoxicating but it’s like you’re giving away everything on the first date and it’s a bit of  a turn off. Let people learn more things about you as time goes on.

what to do?

Storytellers need to slow down and think things through a bit more in depth, like a deep thinker would.



Think slow burn, not everything at once. Pepper your stories throughout your chapters, don’t overload with too many or too much. Editing what you write is essential to strip out what’s unnecessary and deepen your thinking, ideas and intellectual property.
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